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"Batman: "The Millionaire Contract"": After his successful encounter with the Monk, Batman returns to the Batcave with Father Green and using the sample of the vampire's blood, he first cures [[Richard Grayson (Ear

Quote1.png We'll have a long talk someday soon, Wayne-- about the chance that brought you here! Quote2.png

Detective Comics #518 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1982.

Synopsis for Batman: "The Millionaire Contract"

After his successful encounter with the Monk, Batman returns to the Batcave with Father Green and using the sample of the vampire's blood, he first cures Dick Grayson from the curse before focusing on Batman. After the transfusion, Batman falls asleep, completely turned back into a human and Father Green leaves the Batcave, taking the Monk and Dala with him. Although the Father seems to be a nice person for helping them, Robin and Alfred suspect that he has other plans for the vampires.

Alfred and Robin leave Bruce resting in the Batcave and Dick remembers his behaviour with Vicki when he was a vampire. He tells Alfred that he needs to call her an apologize, but soon he realizes there is no need since Vicki is upstairs in Wayne Manor with "Bruce Wayne". The two of them soon leave to an evening party and Dick is beyond confused. Alfred explains that the man they just saw is in fact Christopher Chance, also known as The Human Target, a secret agent who impersonates people that are in grave danger. Alfred tells Dick how and why he contacted Chance to prevent Vicki from learning the truth, but with Batman out of action, there is no way to prove her wrong since they can't appear together.

At that moment, Rupert Thorne is giving the hired killer Deadshot the final instructions on his murder contract to kill Bruce Wayne, since he has evidence to prove he is Batman. When Deadshot leaved the Tobacconists' Club building, Thorne tells his pawns, Commissioner Pauling and Mayor Hill that since they arranged Deadshot's escape from prison, they must see to his elimination after his mission is done. When Thorne is left alone, the haunting image of Hugo Strange follows his every move.

A few hours later, the telephone of the Batcave starts ringing and an almost fully recovered Batman answers the call. The warden of the prison informs him about Deadshot's recent escape and Batman goes out looking for him. In the meantime, Jason Bard and James Gordon continue their investigation of the fraud during the past elections, when they are suddenly attacked by various members of the GCPD. Under the instruction of Commissioner Pauling, the crooked officers beat the two of them to a pulp, to break their determination to find the truth.

Later, Batman interrogates Deadshot's weapon provider and when he learns that the killer is seeking Bruce Wayne, Batman knows exactly where to find him. As "Bruce Wayne" and Vicki Vale enjoy the evening together, Deadshot has located them and he is ready to kill the man who is secretly the Batman, except he is stopped by Batman. Deadshot manages to get inside the building leaving Batman behind and he goes straight to Wayne, to complete his contract. "Bruce Wayne" acts fast and takes Vicki away from danger, buying some time until Batman returns and confronts Deadshot. "Bruce Wayne" uses his trademark throwing knife to break Deadshot's weapon, giving Batman enough time to capture the killer.

With Batman and Bruce Wayne in the same room, Vicki apologizes to "Bruce" for having suspected that he was Batman. As the Dark Knight takes Deadshot away, he has a quick exchange with "Bruce", making it clear that he knows who he really is. Meanwhile, Thorne learns of Deadshot's failure and he prepares his next move to get total control of Gotham.

Appearing in Batman: "The Millionaire Contract"

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Other Characters:

  • Monk (Final appearance)
  • Dala (Final appearance)
  • Father Green (Final appearance)
  • Augustino Coppola
  • Warden




Synopsis for Batgirl: "He With Secrets Fears the Sound..."

Batgirl works late at the R&D Center and on her way out, she notices strange noises coming from a nearby building. After a quick change, Batgirl follows the sounds and finds a man being attacked by a group of thugs under the leadership of the Velvet Tiger. Batgirl takes down most of the crooks, but Tiger escapes and Batgirl stays behind to take care of the man who was being attacked.

Ward Gilbert tells Batgirl that the Velvet Tiger is his sister and that she stole his most recent development a computer program that can tap into all of Gotham's computers, stealing information across the entire network. Unaware that Gilbert is not being totally honest, Batgirl quickly follows the trail of the Velvet Tiger and locates her in Ward's office.

Appearing in Batgirl: "He With Secrets Fears the Sound..."

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  • Gotham City
    • Humanities Research & Development Center
    • James Gordon's Home


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