"Batman: "The Haunting of "Boss" Thorne"": In his home, Rupert Thorne, the most powerful man in Gotham City, cowers in fear as he has been constantly haunted by the spirit of Hugo Strange. When Thorne listens someone knocking on his

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Prison Guard

Detective Comics #520 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1982. It was published on August 26, 1982.

Appearing in Batman: "The Haunting of "Boss" Thorne"

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Synopsis for Batman: "The Haunting of "Boss" Thorne"

In his home, Rupert Thorne, the most powerful man in Gotham City, cowers in fear as he has been constantly haunted by the spirit of Hugo Strange. When Thorne listens someone knocking on his door, he descends to open and finds himself face to face with Hugo Strange dressed in a Batsuit. Thorne closes his eyes and begs the phantom to leave him alone and when he opens his eyes, Strange is gone. Tired of being haunted, Thorne contacts the only man who can help him: Doctor Thirteen.

Meanwhile, Batman meets with James Gordon, Jason Bard and Vicki Vale, who inform him that the suicide of Morton Monroe, editor and boss of Vicki, might've been caused by Rupert Thorne, the same person behind the fraud of the past Mayoral Election. Vicki also tells Batman about the pictures she used to prove Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same and that they were stolen from her office. She has deduced that Thorne got his hands on them and he hired Deadshot to murder Bruce. With all this information, Batman leaves looking for one man.

Meanwhile, Thorne and Thirteen arrange a meeting, where Thorne tells the paranormal investigator about his dealings with Hugo Strange and how he murdered the man before the apparitions started to haunt him.

Moments later, Batman arrives at the Gotham Prison and interrogates Deadshot about his previous blood contract. Deadshot tells Batman that he was released by the warden of the prison and Batman decides to take Deadshot with him out of prison, much to everyone's shock and surprise. Once outside, Batman takes Deadshot for a ride in the Batmobile and asks him about the murder contract on Bruce Wayne, to which he reveals that he was paid by Rupert Thorne and his pawn Commissioner Pauling. With enough information, Batman activates a gas mechanism in the car, in order to drug Deadshot and keep him unconscious.

Finally, Dr. Thirteen goes to Greytowers, the last known place where Hugo Strange operated and investigates the building. When Thirteen goes to Strange's secret laboratory, he is confronted by the spectral apparition of Hugo Strange. Meanwhile, Batman has arrived at the Batcave with his prisoner and Alfred turns his attention to the events in the TV news, where Commissioner Pauling has declared Batman as public enemy number one for helping Deadshot out of prison. Despite the turn of events, Bruce laughs at the TV, knowing that everything is turning on his favor.

Appearing in Catwoman: "The Cat and the Conover Caper!"

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  • Louie Conovery (Single appearance)

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Synopsis for Catwoman: "The Cat and the Conover Caper!"

While in Metropolis, Catwoman runs into an old member of her gang and suspects that the man continues his life of crime. Selina decides to follow him as Catwoman and learns that he appears to be involved in a robbery.

Catwoman waits until her former associate breaks into a building after deactivating the alarm and when he and his new boss enter the place, Catwoman confronts them both. Her former associate doesn't fight her, but the second crook tries to escape. Catwoman prevents this, just as the police appear, claiming that they were warned about a robbery. Catwoman's shock is greater when she learns that her old comrade had sent a silent signal while deactivating the alarm in order to capture the criminal. With everything cleared, Catwoman and an old friend decide to go out for a coffee.


  • "The Haunting of "Boss" Thorne" takes place after the events of Detective Comics #518 and the story continues in Batman #354.
  • This issue contains a Masters of the Universe sneak peek.


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