"Batman: "Hill's Descent"": At night in the mansion of Mayor Hill, the corrupt politician has his henchmen injure him and destroy his study, which he then uses to summon a press conference and lie to Gotham City that Batman was respon

Quote1 A city can survive a corrupt administration-- it's done all the time-- but the day someone like you runs this burg-- is the day a cop like me takes the law into his own hands. Quote2
Harvey Bullock

Detective Comics #546 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1985.

Appearing in Batman: "Hill's Descent"

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Synopsis for Batman: "Hill's Descent"

At night in the mansion of Mayor Hill, the corrupt politician has his henchmen injure him and destroy his study, which he then uses to summon a press conference and lie to Gotham City that Batman was responsible for the brutal attack when he was discovered trying to place "fake evidence" against Hill and his administration. Furthermore, Hill proceeds to suspend Commissioner Gordon from the Gotham City Police Department and commands every municipal policeman to arrest the Batman on sight and use deadly force if necessary. Hill's press conference is convincing for most citizens of Gotham, except for Batman himself, who decides to go out despite the threat on his life.

The Mayor's orders have even caused disruption among the GCPD, as some officers are grateful for Batman's assistance while others believe he is a menace to society. As Batman swings across the rooftops, he is spotted by several of his detractors in the police and he is tracked down to an empty alley, where he is cornered by four police officers. Batman tries to make them understand that he is on their side, but blinded by hate and following Hill's commands, the officers attack Batman, but of course, end up badly beaten.

At that moment, Anton Knight has recovered from his injuries and is ready to return and strike his revenge against Nocturna, much to the blind girl who saved him, Tina's sorrow. However, Tina is not the only woman hurt, as Nocturna tries to bond with her new son, Jason, but the kid is unable to see the truth behind her actions.

Meanwhile, Batman finally manages to get in touch with Gordon using a public phone to aviod being traced. Gordon is currently at home with his daughter, Barbara, but he is more concerned for Bullock, who wasn't mentioned in Hill's press conference and is still working at the GCPD. Batman promises to keep a close look on Bullock but he is unable to find the robust and clumsy sergeant.

At that moment, Bullock is going out of his apartment to his car, when another murder attempt takes place against him. The shooter fails and instinctively, Bullock draws his gun and shoots the attacker, miraculously hitting the mark and killing the would-be murderer. Tired of fearing for his life, Bullock goes to the source of the problem, which has revealed his ugly head. A few minutes later, Bullock arrives at the Mayor's mansion, where he makes his way to Hill's office and warns the crooked man to clean up his act or he would be taken down by force. Unaware to Bullock, Hill drawn a gun from one of his drawers and shoots Bullock, claiming it was all in "self-defense".

Appearing in Green Arrow: "Clash Reunion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Onyx (First appearance)
  • James


Other Characters:

  • Barbara Dropkin (Single appearance)
  • Robert Sommerfeld (Single appearance)
  • Davy Arnold (Single appearance)
  • Exalted Master


Synopsis for Green Arrow: "Clash Reunion"

Vengeance invades the class reunion of Oliver Queen's old high school, seeking to kill Davy Arnold, an embezzler who hides out as the school's janitor. Green Arrow stops Vengeance, but is unable to prevent his escape. Elsewhere, an aged monk from a monastery gives a woman named Onyx some instructions on his deathbed: find Oliver Queen, who once spent some time with their order, and bring him back, to save the world.



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