"Batman: "Dr. Harvey and Mr. Bullock"": Harvey Bullock is looking for the Batman in the morning in order to give him a list of contacts that will help them round up the remaining members or Dr. Fang's gang and

Quote1 'Scuse me, Batman, but I almost forgot what was real... like the fact that no one's all good or all bad. Quote2
Harvey Bullock

Detective Comics #549 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1985. It was published on January 24, 1985.

Appearing in Batman: "Dr. Harvey and Mr. Bullock"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Skull Smashers
    • Frankie (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • GCPD
    • James Gordon
    • Charlie (Single appearance)
    • Fred (Single appearance)
    • Johnny (Single appearance)
    • Murphy (Single appearance)



Synopsis for Batman: "Dr. Harvey and Mr. Bullock"

Harvey Bullock is looking for the Batman in the morning in order to give him a list of contacts that will help them round up the remaining members or Dr. Fang's gang and creates chaos at the GCPD Headquarters with his usual clumsiness. He decides to return home after he is told to try again at night and on his way home, his vehicle loses the driver's door, as it comes off its hinges. Upon arriving at his street, Bullock notices a couple of young punks fighting in front of his house and he recognizes one of them as a member of the street gang called "The Skull Smashers". After telling them to leave, Bullock is forced to throw a couple of punches in order to make them leave and once the street is free, Bullock enters the derelict building he calls home. The place pretty much resembles Bullock's unkempt physical appearance, but upon entering his apartment, everything is different.

Harvey Bullock ends his charade as a clumsy, reckless and ruthless cop as soon as he enters the threshold of his own home, a tidy place, filled with posters and memorabilia of movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood as well as various classic horror films. Harvey is a film fanatic and he keeps this side of his personality private from the outside world as he doesn't want to expose his most precious treasure. Only minutes after having arrived home, Harvey gets a call from the GCPD and is summoned as there is someone who wants to meet him.

A few minutes pass and Bullock arrives at the GCPD, only to find that the person who required him has left. Bullock deduces something is amiss and after interrogating the officer who called him, he learns that the person who summoned him was a member of the Skull Smashers. Fearing the worst, Bullock returns home as fast as he can and finds that his fear has come truth. His sanctuary, his private retreat... his home, has been desecrated, destroyed and vandalized. His furniture in shambles and his collection of film posters tainted with graffiti. The scene is enough to bring tears into his eyes, tears that turn Harvey, the mild movie aficionado, into Bullock, the ruthless cop.

Out in a dark alley near the building, the vandal who destroyed the place hides the evidence, but he is found by a very angry Bullock. The young punk challenges Bullock to a fight and he takes out a knife, which is not enough to deter Bullock, who fights using only his fists. Bullock beats the young punk to a pulp, taking all his frustration on the man who invaded and wrecked his privacy. Unfortunately, as Bullock gets ready to take the criminal to the GCPD, he finds himself surrounded by the entire gang of the Skull Smashers. Knowing that he has no other choice, Bullock prepares to face the greatest challenge of his life alone until Batman appears from the shadows. The Dark Knight has learned that Bullock was looking for him and he has come to discuss. Batman and Bullock then confront the punks and even though they are largely outnumbered, they still defeat the inexperienced crooks. After the deed is done, Bullock can only think of going back and repair his home, but a sudden change of heart makes him return and help the criminal who destroyed his place before taking him to the GCPD, where he should be reformed.

Appearing in Green Arrow: "Night Olympics, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Joey (Single appearance)


Synopsis for Green Arrow: "Night Olympics, Part One"

While Green Arrow and Black Canary are on patrol and catching thugs, Pete Lomax, an "ordinary guy", gets a bow and arrows from an underworld armorer formerly in partnership with Pete Gambi, tailor to super-villains, and kills him with an arrow. Then he seeks out the two heroes, and wounds Black Canary with another arrow.



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