"Batman: "It Takes Two Wings to Fly"": When Batman chases down a criminal who stole something, he is stopped by Green Arrow, who tells Batman that the man he is chasing has just retrieved evidence that will help him win a case in [[Star Ci

Quote1 You can break and enter without a warrant, conduct illegal surveillance, coerce confessions, and violate each and every point of the Miranda Rule night in and night out-- but it's "different" because you're sustaining the system whose rules you can't abide! Quote2
Green Arrow

Detective Comics #559 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1986.

Appearing in Batman: "It Takes Two Wings to Fly"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Kemson (Single appearance)
  • Reid (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Curtis Sample (Single appearance) (Flashback and main story)
  • Curtis Sample's Father (Dies in flashback)



Synopsis for Batman: "It Takes Two Wings to Fly"

When Batman chases down a criminal who stole something, he is stopped by Green Arrow, who tells Batman that the man he is chasing has just retrieved evidence that will help him win a case in Star City. However, Batman doesn't like being told what to do in his own city and a conflict between the two heroes start until they are stopped by Black Canary, who acts as peacemaker and propose that they should discuss the events further.

Taking a cup of coffee, Batman learns from Canary and Arrow that the man he was chasing is called Curtis Sample and that his father was killed as a result of a lack of industrial safety in a chemical company from Star City called Kemson. Curtis tried to sue Kemson, but his efforts were futile. He then travelled to Gotham to retrieve evidence of corruption within Kemson, but he was forced to steal the documents, which caused Kemson enforcers to be on his trail. Arrow and Canary followed him to provide him protection and that is where they met Batman. The Dark Knight is still not convinced to let a criminal escape, not even if the goals are honorable, but when Canary makes him understand that everything is done to stop Kemson from endangering more workers, he accepts to work with them.

Moments later, the Bat-Signal is activated and Batman is summoned to the Gotham Hospital, where Commissioner Gordon informs Batman that Curtis Sample has received a professional beating and is lucky to be alive. Knowing who is behind the attack, Batman joins Arrow and Canary and introduces them to his new partner, Catwoman. Batman informs Arrow that he and Catwoman will deal with the Kemson affair in Star City, which infuriates Arrow, but he knows that it is probably for the best.

After making arrangements with Lucius Fox, Bruce and Selina travel to Star City, where Selina pretends to be the representant of a foreign nation, interested in acquiring Kemson's chemical producs. The crooks play along with her, but after the money has been exchanged, they reveal that they know Selina is Catwoman, forcing Batman to act and break into the place. Batman and Catwoman find themselves outnumbered, but the cavalry soon arrives as Green Arrow and Black Canary enter the building and help them round up the criminals. After the mission is over, Batman informs Arrow that the company will be purchased by Wayne Enterprises and its crooked ways will end. Satisfied with the outcome, the heroes forget their conflict and their respective ladies go on a girls' night out and share stories about Batman and Green Arrow.


  • The events of this issue take place after Batman #392.
  • Beginning with this issue, the Detective Comics series starts a short period where the Batman of Earth-One (and all his supporting characters and villains) exist on the post-Crisis New Earth. This period ends when the effects of the Crisis "catch up" with Batman (et al) in Batman #401.
    • It is unclear why the Crisis did not affect Batman immediately. At the time there were were several powerful beings who were trying to delay, reverse or control the effects of Crisis (including Mekanique, Aphrodite and the Infinite Man}, and perhaps this was a side-effect.
  • Green Arrow and Black Canary had no delay in Crisis's effect, so the New Earth version of the characters appear here.
  • This issue is reprinted in Green Arrow: A Celebration of 75 Years.


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