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G. Gordon Godfrey

Quote1.png My life is sworn to fighting crime... and protecting the people from its ravages. Not "saving the world." The day I can "hang up my cape and stay home" is the day I'm working toward. Quote2.png

Detective Comics #568 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1986.

Synopsis for "Eyrie"

G. Gordon Godfrey

The Gotham University campus is terrorized by violent falcons. Batman and Robin watch a political rally held by G. Gordon Godfrey, who decries all superheroes. Godfrey insists that superheroes are holding humanity back, and they will witness the triumph of the common man once all superheroes have been eliminated. There is massive support growing for his movement. Robin makes an off-hand quip about wanting to retire, and Batman mentions that he does hope to retire someday. Robin is surprised and asks Batman how he can retire when he's dedicated his life to saving the world. Batman explains that he swore to fight crime and protect people from its ravages. He looks forward to the day he can hang up his cape. They spot one of the birds attacking a student, and Batman lassos the bird. It's revealed that someone broke into the Natural Science Building, and the falcons escaped. Batman rushes to investigate but tells Robin to stay behind with the wounded student. This angers Robin, but Batman insists that protecting the victims of crime is always more important than catching criminals.

It's revealed that the Penguin is behind this scheme. The Penguin has kidnapped a scientist named Doctor Baird, who is breeding experimental peregrines for a wealthy financier. The birds are extremely rare, and Penguin plans to hold them hostage with Baird for a large sum. Batman bursts in and attacks the thugs. The Penguin threatens to kill Baird with his umbrella sword unless Batman relents. Batman is forced to let the Penguin escape.

The Penguin

Batman does extensive research on falcons to figure out the Penguin's plan. Following a lead about falcon nesting habits, Batman discovers the Penguin's hideout. The Penguin and his men wait for Baird's Arab shiek financier to pay their ransom. Batman attacks what he thinks is the Penguin, but it is revealed to be a decoy, and Batman falls through a trap door. The Penguin has his falcons attack Batman. Baird begins to break out of his bonds using a table knife. Batman uses one of his gadgets to force the falcons to flee. Baird sneakily puts falcon bait in the back of Penguin's pants. Together, Batman and Baird get the birds to attack the Penguin instead. The Penguin's henchmen are easily dispatched. Batman throws a net over the falcons and captures the Penguin.

The next day, Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd watch the news in Wayne Manor. They are reporting on the Godfrey rally, and they mention that Batman and Robin were seen watching. Jason asks Bruce if Godfrey is right. Bruce says that Godfrey is right about one thing. He was surprised by Doctor Baird's resourcefulness and skill in dealing with adversity. Bruce says that the "triumph of the common man" is assured, whether or not there's a Batman to help him.

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