"Batman: Year Two – Chapter Two: Deal With the Devil": The crime rampage of The Reaper continues in Gotham City and the Police Department are unable to stop him from murdering criminals or even their own men. Meanwhile, [[Bruce

Quote1.png The Batman, huh? Never thought I'd be working with you... but politics makes strange bedfellows, huh? Quote2.png
Joe Chill

Detective Comics #576 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1987.

Synopsis for "Batman: Year Two – Chapter Two: Deal With the Devil"

The crime rampage of The Reaper continues in Gotham City and the Police Department are unable to stop him from murdering criminals or even their own men. Meanwhile, Batman has recovered from his last encounter with The Reaper and has been honing his marksmanship skills with Joe Chill's gun, the same he retrieved in his childhood from the crime scene where his parents were murdered. His decision to use a firearm is disturbing to Leslie Thompkins, who finally decides to look for an apartment in order to stay away from Wayne Manor. As she makes this decision, she asks Alfred to cancel her lunch date with Rachel Caspian, but Bruce offers to replace Leslie on the date.

At that moment, Rachel is preparing to go outside and she has a conversation with her father, Judson, who can't help but remember the dreadful night in which his wife was murdered by a crook, forcing him to become The Reaper. After telling Rachel that everything he does, it's for her, he leaves her to continue her day. At noon, Rachel goes to the meeting place and is shocked to find Bruce Wayne instead of Leslie. Bruce explains the situation and the two of them go on a date, where Rachel learns more about the true depth of Bruce. When Rachel realizes that Bruce and her father are very similar, she gives in to Bruce's approaches and they make out as a result of their mutual attraction.

That night, Batman visits Commissioner Gordon at the GCPD Headquarters and tells him that his actions will probably put them at odds, but that deep down, he will remain truth to their friendship. This warning is not taken seriously by Gordon and he starts planning the capture of an important criminal from Metropolis, who is bound to arrive in Gotham. Gordon and some of his men prepare to capture Johnny Heymer as soon as he steps down from his airplane, but The Reaper beats them to the place. Gordon and the Police try to stop Reaper, but they are in turn challenged and stopped by Batman, who shoots at Gordon's gun, forcing him to drop the weapon. A new confrontation between Batman and Reaper starts, but the Dark Knight is once again, unable to defeat The Reaper. Instead, he takes Heymer out of danger, away from the place. The Police regret not being able to capture Heymer, and when they attempt to stop The Reaper, they fail as the crook also manages to escape. Left empty-handed, the Police retreat from the scene, confused with Batman's behaviour and Gordon feels betrayed.

Batman and Chill

Elsewhere, a criminal meeting is taking place and all the important crooks in the city realize their profits have decreased since the appearance of The Reaper. The criminals get anxious when Heymer doesn't appear at the scheduled time, but the criminal makes his appearance when Batman drops the thug among the rest of them. Batman makes the criminals a proposition of working together in order to capture and stop The Reaper. The crooks are unsure at first, but seeing how they have little options left, they accept Batman's proposal. However, the criminals give Batman a special partner: Joe Chill, the man who killed his parents, starting it all.

Appearing in "Batman: Year Two – Chapter Two: Deal With the Devil"

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Other Characters:

  • William Golonka (Single appearance)
  • Gotham City Police Department
    • Lieutenant Bukowski (First appearance)
    • Franklin (Single appearance)
    • McGingley (Single appearance)
  • Greta (Behind the scenes)
  • Mary Rachel Caspian (Dies in flashback)




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