"Batman: Year Two - Chapter Three: Deadly Allies": Leslie Thompkins finds Batman at the Gotham Cemetery near his parents' grave, seeking forgiveness for allying himself with Joe Chill, the man who mur

Quote1 I knew you'd be here, among the dead. It's where you belong... if you ally yourself with criminals and murderers... with the man who killed your parents... Quote2
Leslie Thompkins

Detective Comics #577 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1987.

Appearing in "Batman: Year Two - Chapter Three: Deadly Allies"

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Synopsis for "Batman: Year Two - Chapter Three: Deadly Allies"

Leslie Thompkins finds Batman at the Gotham Cemetery near his parents' grave, seeking forgiveness for allying himself with Joe Chill, the man who murdered them. Although Leslie still holds hope for Bruce, he has to work with the killer in order to stop The Reaper.

Moments later, Batman joins Chill and they go on their first mission to recruit undercover agents by force. Their plan is successful, even though Batman is forced to tolerate Chill's use of lethal force to deal with their enemies. After their mission, Chill joins the rest of the Gotham Organized Crime and they plan the elimination of Batman once The Reaper has been dealt with.

The next day, the Gotham City Police Department learn of a certain exchange taking place at night and they prepare a plan to capture The Reaper, as it will surely attract the attention of the criminal. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne and Leslie Thompkins go on a lunch date with Rachel and Judson Caspian, during which Bruce shows genuine interest in Rachel, after he successfully convinced her to drop out of the convent. However, as the date comes to an end, Bruce and Judson apologize for having to leave as both of them have other matters to attend as Batman and The Reaper.



During the criminal exchange at night, Batman and Chill wait patiently as their undercover agents lure The Reaper into their well prepared trap. Unfortunately, they didn't expect interference from the GCPD, who arrive at the scene almost at the same time as The Reaper shows up. When Batman and Chill notice The Reaper's presence, they go into action and the police notice them in turn, forcing the entire SWAT Team to burst into the place. The derelict building becomes a war zone as everyone fights among each other. Batman and Chill seek to stop The Reaper, but the police's efforts to stop them all make it impossible to get the villain. One of the bullets hits a gas tank, creating a big explosion and gives The Reaper the chance to escape. With the police knocked unconscious, Batman is forced to save Chill from a certain death, although he is still determined to make him his next victim once The Reaper is stopped.



  • On the underworld club attacked by Batman and Chill, there is a poster of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. This reference was included by Todd McFarlane, as a long-time fan of the group.
  • On page 13, there is a dialogue balloon which belongs to Rachel Capsian, but is incorrectly placed on Leslie Thompkins. The mistake was fixed on the digital versions of the issue.

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