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"Snow and Ice, Part Two: Bird of Ill Omen": The Penguin has recovered from his hypnotic-induced coma thanks to Kadaver, who was responsible for leaving him in that state as part of their plan. Once Penguin and his thugs have sprun

Quote1 Where's the thrill in committing the perfect crime if nobody knows it was you? Quote2
The Penguin

Detective Comics #611 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1990.

Synopsis for "Snow and Ice, Part Two: Bird of Ill Omen"

The Penguin has recovered from his hypnotic-induced coma thanks to Kadaver, who was responsible for leaving him in that state as part of their plan. Once Penguin and his thugs have sprung Kadaver out of prison to help them, they try to get rid of him, but using the trigger words to hypnotize Penguin back, Kadaver can manipulate Penguin at will, forcing him and his gang to let him be part of their organization.

The news about Kadaver's jail break spreads around Gotham and Batman knows that there's something brewing in the criminal underworld. In the meantime, Otto, the old ornithologist who is responsible for designing the infamous trick umbrellas for the Penguin is shocked when the Penguin shows up at his place alongside Kadaver. The crooks are in need of using some of Otto's large arsenal of umbrellas for their next criminal capers.

The next day, a diamond exhibit is taking place at the Ritz Hotel and Bruce attends to verify everything is in order. Still suspicious, he decides to return at night as Batman and remains close to the building, just in case. However, at that same moment, a drug trade is taking place between the ganglord Rafael Santini and some of Scarface's thugs. Their trade is disrupted by a flying animatronic bird, which explodes on top of them, killing some of them and leaving others badly injured. Batman notices the explosion from afar and starts swingin his way to the place. In the meantime, Penguin and Kadaver take the drug money from the dead thugs and proceed on to their next target. By the time Batman arrives at the site of the explosion, all he finds is dead people and the police arrive seconds later. After checking the crime scene, the police are informed about an armed robbery at the Ritz and they start driving towards the place, with Batman on one of their cars.

When the police and Batman arrive at the hotel, all they find is a completely looted exhibit and some dead guards, much to Batman's contempt. However, Batman has finally deduced the truth behind the crimes thanks to a clue left by the Penguin about "Snow and Ice". Snow, being a colloquial name for heroine (drugs) and ice as the term used for diamonds. Fitting these together with the last clue about penguins, Batman knows where are the criminals striking next.

At that moment at the First National Bank, Penguin's gang and Kadaver steal all the money delivered for the Penguin's preservation fund of penguins. Soon, the police surround the building, but they dare not enter, because the criminals might kill the hostages. After looting all the money, Penguin decides to go to the bathroom, but Kadaver won't leave him alone, fearing he might be double-crossed. Inside one of the stalls, Penguin puts toilet paper in his ears to avoid being put into the hypnotic trance by Kadaver and he then shoots the criminal with his umbrella. Penguin starts making his getaway through the fire escape, but before he could reach his vehicle, he is confronted by Batman. Although Penguin resists and puts up a fight, the Dark Knight comes up victorious as usual and he sends the unconscious Penguin back to his henchmen, who decide to surrender to the police and tell them that Kadaver is also inside, with a bullet injury. The police believe they lucked out on this case, ignoring the Batman's vital role in their victory.

Appearing in "Snow and Ice, Part Two: Bird of Ill Omen"

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  • Matt Harmon (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Bub Vince (Final appearance; dies)
  • Otto (Final appearance)
  • Butch (Single appearance)





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