"Street Demonz": Batman watches as a group of young teens steal satellite discs and take them to the hideout of the notorious biker gang known as the Street Demonz. As he trails them to the place, Batman recalls his own teenage years and

Quote1 The kids don't have anything to do with it, creep. I busted your boys. I put them in jail. You have a problem with that, I'm here. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Street Demonz"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:

  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Principal Ed Carson (Single appearance)
  • High School Vandals
    • Chico Mendez (Single appearance)
    • Leroy Snood (Single appearance)
    • John Konik (Single appearance)
    • Larry Doofner (Single appearance)
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Flashback only)


  • Street Demonz (First appearance) (Flashback and main story)
    • Skorp (Flashback and main story) (Single appearance)
    • Brute (Single appearance)
    • Slimer (Single appearance)
    • Pigpen (Single appearance)
    • Swizz (Single appearance)
    • Arnie (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • The Fairy Godmother (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "Street Demonz"

Batman watches as a group of young teens steal satellite discs and take them to the hideout of the notorious biker gang known as the Street Demonz. As he trails them to the place, Batman recalls his own teenage years and how different it was from theirs. Inside the hideout, the Street Demonz try to deal with the kids and offer them drugs in exchange for the discs, but Batman prevents the deal from happening, triggered by his own painful memories. Batman bursts inside the place and takes most of the gang down while the kids run away.

Moments later, Commissioner Gordon and several police officers arrive at the place and arrest the gang members. Although Batman tries to warn them to not approach the kids again, his words are ignored. As he leaves the place, his memories haunt him again and he recalls the time in his youth when he went to Crime Alley on the anniversary of his parents' deaths to pay respects and he was attacked by Street Demonz. Outnumbered and helpless, Bruce was badly beaten by a young and new member of the gang called Skorp. Once the Demonz were done with him, they left and Bruce was helped by a mysterious lady. After calling Alfred to pick him up, the lady left Bruce, saying only that she was "his fairy godmother".

The next day, Batman goes to talk to the kids at their high school and warns them to stay away from the Street Demonz, but they have been tricked into thinking they are friends with the bikers. The high school principal notices Batman's efforts and thanks the Dark Knight for his noble attempt, although he is afraid there's little hope for the kids.

That night, the kids go to the Street Demonz hideout once again and this time, the whole gang is gathered at the place. The Demonz get excited at the sight of the kids, as they think they are responsible for ratting them out to the Batman and causing the arrest of various of their members. The current leader of the gang, Skorp, commands the Street Demonz to attack the kids, but the first charge is stopped by Batman, who stands between the Demonz and the kids. Skorp decides to take a chance against the Dark Knight, but Batman defeats him without troubles and gets a long awaited revenge. Batman then challenges the whole gang to fight, but they decide to flee instead. The kids are shocked as they slowly learn how the world works and Batman leaves them with a warning message.

The next day, the kids at the public high school are told by their principal that billionaire philantropist, Bruce Wayne, will sponsor any of them who graduates from high school and will cover the tuition costs of college. Bruce himself enters the classroom and tells the kids that his only desire is to give them an opportunity that otherwise they might never have. Once the announcement is over, the principal asks Bruce why is he doing this and Bruce replies that he once had help and that now, it's his turn to play fairy godmother.

Batman knows that the task won't be easy, but he also knows that even if only one of the kids succeeds, everything would've been worth it. Standing on the roof of the high school, Batman can't hide a smirk, which is both caused by his recent good actions and the thought of him being a "fairy godmother".


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