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"The Penguin Affair: II - Bird of Ill Omen!": Batman notices a man in danger from the attacking birds and jumps out of the Batmobile to help him, giving up the chase of Sherry West. Although, Batman has saved one life, this case is far from over.

Quote1.png Birds, my sweet. Birds have happened. They've panicked the entire city. Because I told them to! Quote2.png

Detective Comics #615 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1990.

Synopsis for "The Penguin Affair: II - Bird of Ill Omen!"

Batman notices a man in danger from the attacking birds and jumps out of the Batmobile to help him, giving up the chase of Sherry West. Although, Batman has saved one life, this case is far from over.

The birds have taken Sherry to the Penguin's hideout, where the criminal mastermind reveals his infatuation for Heron, the character she plays in the soap opera "Heartstrings". Penguin has fallen in love with the treacherous and evil nature of Heron, but when Sherry tries to make him understand that it is only a character she plays, Penguin won't listen. When one of his henchmen interrupts him, Penguin is furious and sends his birds to attack the thug. It is then that Sherry understands that she has to play along with the madman.

In the meantime, Batman tries his best to stop the chaos created by the killer birds, but one of Penguin's surveillance birds has spotted him and the criminal sends a large group of birds to attack Batman. The Dark Knight has to fight his way back to the Batmobile, but even as he starts driving away, the birds keep following him.

Meanwhile, an airplane approaches the Gotham Airport, but the whole building has been taken over by birds and the plane is also attacked. The pilot attempts to make a maneuver to avoid the impact with the birds, but the aircraft can't stand the pressure and it breaks in half. The airplane descends to the ground and after the crash, it leaves a great hole in the ground.

At that same moment, Batman drives the Batmobile towards the Batcave, but the constant attack of birds and the explosion caused by the plane crashing, distracts him long enough and the car careens off the road towards the river. Batman survives the crash thanks to the Batmobile's airbags and he swims to the surface, where the birds are still waiting for him. Batman knows he is not far from the Batcave and he tries his best to run to the secret entrance. Alfred and Tim Drake watch the chaos in Gotham from Wayne Manor and they spot Batman running towards the cave. Batman finally realizes that there's one bird that is not attacking him and he deduces that it must be Penguin's surveillance bird. Using a flare, Batman scares that bird away and activates the secret button in his Utility Belt that opens the Batcave entrance.

Birds in the Batcave

Although Batman manages to get inside the cave, many birds have also breached inside and the struggle continues inside the cave. Alfred and Tim open the grandfather clock secret entrance, but they have to retreat to a closet to avoid being attacked the crazed birds. Having attempted many things to stop the birds, Batman finally deduces that they might be under some sort of frequency control and so, he uses the Batcomputer to neutralize the frequency in the place and returns the animals to their normal, mild state.

Meanwhile, as the Penguin celebrates his small victory by dancing with his hostage, a terrible creature has been released from underneath the ground where the plane crashed and it crawls to the surface, finding freedom from its prison. In Wayne Manor, Batman is still determined to stop the Penguin, but Alfred is more concerned about the repairing and cleaning that needs to be done after the bird attack.

Appearing in "The Penguin Affair: II - Bird of Ill Omen!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Penguin
    • Boor (Single appearance)
    • Shoe (Single appearance)
    • Professor (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • C'th (First appearance)
  • Ray (Single appearance)
  • Tony (Only appearance; dies)





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