"Rite of Passage - Part Two: Beyond Belief!": Kidnapped on the island of Haiti, Jack and Janet Drake are horrified as the Obeah Man kills their assistant Jeremy on film. He gives the

Quote1 Don't brood too much, son. For your parents' sake, be strong. Always remember -- life has to go on. Quote2

Detective Comics #619 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1990.

Appearing in "Rite of Passage - Part Two: Beyond Belief!"

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Synopsis for "Rite of Passage - Part Two: Beyond Belief!"

Kidnapped on the island of Haiti, Jack and Janet Drake are horrified as the Obeah Man kills their assistant Jeremy on film. He gives the tape to one of his followers, Louis Dange, to deliver to Drake Industries in Gotham.

In the Batcave, Batman checks on the status of the search for the Drakes. The search is resuming after having been called off for the night. Batman volunteers to bring Tim Drake his dinner. He tries to be reassuring and offers to take the day off, but Tim plans to get back to work on catching a hacker called the moneyspider, rather than dwell on his feelings. Despite this, when Bruce leaves, Tim doubts the sincerity of his reassurances.

At the home of Louis Dange, his son Pierre has a nightmare about a monster, the Baka, escaping from a closet he is forbidden to open. When he tells his father of his dream, he is told to mind his own business until he is a man.

On the streets of Gotham City, Batman takes out several thugs before stopping at Gotham City Police Headquarters to meet with Commissioner Gordon. The Commissioner shows the tape that the Obeah Man made, and warns that it isn't pretty. After viewing the tape, Batman notices a faint odor of Jimsonweed on it and keeps it for testing. Commissioner Gordon notes that Drake's company has a policy not to pay ransoms. Batman warns that the Obeah Man isn't joking, before leaving.

Batman deduces that Jimsonweed is used in an aromatic smoking mixture for asthma relief - the same mixture that Louis Dange is smoking in his home when he discovers his son exploring the cupboard he has been forbidden to open. He catches Pierre and his friend, warning them that he will beat them if they go near it again. The children run off, wondering if the Baka monster is real.

In the Batcave, Tim becomes frustrated with the lack of news, and goes to bed, at Alfred's urging. Unbeknownst to Tim, Batman has returned with the bad news that the Drakes were kidnapped. He warns Alfred not to mention it to Tim. He enhances the background of the tape to discover that there is a jar containing a giant centipede on the shelf. From this, he deduces that the Drakes are held captive in Haiti.

Unfortunately, Tim discovers the tape and realizes that his parents are alive. At first he is angry, but eventually, relents and Batman explains his theory that Tim's parents are being held by a Haitian voodoo cult. Suddenly, Batman gets a call indicating that the Drakes' company has received the ransom call, and he leaves.

As Batman leaves, Tim realizes that both of the previous Robins have lost their parents, and wonders if it's a prerequisite. Alfred assures him that it is not.



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