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""Crocodile Tears"": In the sewers of Gotham City, Killer Croc waits and searches for Bane, craving vengeance for his broken limbs.

Quote1.png You know I went to the trouble of blindfolding you. It would have been much easier to simply blind you. But I appreciate youthful defiance. You struggle against your fear. I admire that. Quote2.png

Detective Comics #660 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1993. It was published on May 25, 1993.

Synopsis for "Crocodile Tears"

In the sewers of Gotham City, Killer Croc waits and searches for Bane, craving vengeance for his broken limbs. Meanwhile, Robin has followed Bird back to the place where Bane and his other minions are discussing their next move. Bird explains that even though Batman has only faced two minor Arkham Asylum escapees, he is clearly so physically exhausted that he can barely function. Bane, however, decides that Batman must continue to run the gauntlet, and test the extremes of his endurance. In this way, he hopes to learn all he can about the man he came to Gotham to destroy.

Robin realizes that all of the dangers and threats he and Batman have faced recently were orchestrated by Bane as a test. He tries to contact Batman, but the Dark Knight has collapsed, exhausted at the scene of his recent apprehension of Mister Zsasz. When Bane makes his exit, Robin follows, but he loses his prey in a rail tunnel. Suddenly, Bane appears behind him, and he is captured.

Elsewhere, Socko and the Ventriloquist visit their former lawyer, Mr. Detweiler. They question him at gunpoint as to the whereabouts of Scarface.

Harvey Bullock happens across Batman in an alley, and comments that the vigilante looks ill, despite having managed to take out Zsasz. Batman mentions that he can't seem to find Robin, and Bullock assures him that the boy can handle himself, recommending that the Bat go to bed.

Robin finds himself blindfolded in the Gotham sewers. Bane demands to know everything he needs to know about Batman, but Robin's defiance and smart-talk only serve to anger his intimidating captor. Bane suggests that Batman may come to save his protege, but Robin promises that his mentor wouldn't fall into a trap on his account. As such, Bane decides that perhaps Robin would be worth more dead than alive, as part of the 'gauntlet.

Bane breaks Croc's arm again.

Suddenly, Bane senses the presence of someone else. Still blindfolded, Robin fails to realize immediately that Bane is gone. The blindfold is removed, revealing the face of Killer Croc. Croc demands to know where Bane is, and when Bane attacks him from behind, Robin is thrown aside. The two heavies brawl on a stone arch while Robin desperately tries to free his hands. When he finally frees himself, it becomes apparent that the weight of the battling villains is going to destroy the arch. The stone gives way, and they all fall into the rushing water below. As Bane and Croc continue to fight in the water, Robin is forced into a drain pipe, hoping he can hold his breath long enough to survive the trip.

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