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""The Devil You Know"": Jean-Paul Valley is determined to find Bane and bring him down. Part of his motivation stems from a need to prove himself as the new Batman. He visits Commissioner Gordon at [[GCPD Headquar

Quote1.png You are different from Wayne. This Batman kills. So I have brought ruin to Wayne. And his neophyte brings ruin to the Batman. Quote2.png

Detective Comics #666 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1993.

Synopsis for "The Devil You Know"

Jean-Paul Valley is determined to find Bane and bring him down. Part of his motivation stems from a need to prove himself as the new Batman. He visits Commissioner Gordon at Gotham City Police Headquarters, hoping to find out if Bane's recently captured Henchman have given him up.

Though Bullock and Kitch have questioned them for nearly 24 hours, the hoods seem unlikely to talk. Batman asks where the underlings are being held, but when Gordon finishes telling him, he realizes that, uncharacteristically, Batman is still in the room. He begins to suspect that this is a different Batman than he is used to dealing with.

After being questioned, Zombie, Trogg and Bird are returned to their cells. Suddenly, a bag containing a gas mask falls into Bird's cell with a note saying "Watch and wait. - B." Believing that their boss has decided to spring them, Bird dons the mask, and a smoke grenade goes off outside the cell, giving him the chance to spring his friends. All the while, the Batman watches from a safe distance.

At Drake Manor, Tim Drake has to cover for his father's kidnapping in front of the housekeeper, Mrs. McIlvaine. However, Tim has difficulties masking his concern, with his father and Dr. Shondra Kinsolving kidnapped, and his broken mentor Bruce Wayne gone to look for them in Santa Prisca with Alfred Pennyworth. Despite the fact that Jean-Paul has made it clear that Robin is not a welcome partner, Tim concludes that Bruce Wayne is the only man who can take his role away from him, and that he will continue.

Batman confronts Bane

Bane's henchmen return to his hideout, but he professes no knowledge of their escape. Obviously, Batman helped them to escape so that they would lead him to Bane. Moments later, the Batman bursts through the window. He takes out the goons, and is suddenly struck by Bane. Bane is annoyed that he must face what he believes is a pretender. Jean-Paul claims that he is the only Batman worth concerning himself with. Jean-Paul's aggressiveness and apparent willingness to kill amuses Bane, who suggests that this pretender could bring ruin to the Batman's name - knowing well that Bruce Wayne would never kill.

Despite Jean-Paul's confidence in his abilities, Bane soon has him at his mercy. He prepares to drop Jean-Paul from a great height to his death below.

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  • The story subtitle fits in with the issue number, which according to the Holy Bible is the "number of the beast", normally associated with the Devil.
  • On page 19, on the first panel's background can be seen a store named "Comics 'R Us"; as the real life store Toys 'R Us.

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