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"Smash Cut": Having just fought the Joker's minions, Batman sees that Robin was the Joker's intended victim and the Joker has thrown him out of Cindy Brookes's bedroom window. He fires his grapnel hook towards a

Quote1.png Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world...you walk into mine. Quote2.png

Detective Comics #672 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1994.

Synopsis for "Smash Cut"

Having just fought the Joker's minions, Batman sees that Robin was the Joker's intended victim and the Joker has thrown him out of Cindy Brookes's bedroom window. He fires his grapnel hook towards a gargoyle catching Robin momentarily before he hits the ground. The Joker is stunned at how the Dark Knight saves the boy wonder and getting angry hits the camera man. When Batman lands on the ground he finds out that his partner is actually the college student, Cindy Brookes. He tells a teenage boy to call a hospital and knows that the Robin's costume is a symbol from the Joker.

Meanwhile, the Joker review the new storyboards for "The Death of Batman". He says that they are no use if the Batman won't cooperate. Barry Zedmore and his employers are dragged out to up the budget for the Joker's movie but disagree saying that they are to committed to the project. The Joker threatens to kill his employer but refuses soon knowing his own life might be at risk ups the budget by five mill.

Jean-Paul reads the Joker's file learning that Robin has been on the computer in the last twenty-four hours. He wishes to have a dreamless sleep and deal with it the next day. While at Gotham City Police Department. Officer Bullock receives a poster of the Joker's new movie showing it to Gordon the poster. A group of criminals are called by the Joker to star in his movie saying that there going to end what Bane only started.

Commissioner Gordon waits by the Bat-Signal for Batman to show up. Officer Montoya tells Gordon that the weather is too cold and that the Batman would handle the Joker on his own. Gordon walks inside with Montoya disappointed by the disappearance of the Batman. At the hospital, Jean-Paul goes to check on Cindy but learns that she's been captured by the Joker. He gets in his Batman costume and goes to investigate her disappearance.

At the Majestic Theater, the police arrive but are stopped by a gun firing at them. Batman arrives at the movie warehouse where he finds Cindy but only to find out she is an illusion. Suddenly, water rushes in revealing crocodiles in the water. Batman fires his line but without success lands in the water which he finds out the crocodiles are rubber. Then as ragtime piano fills the air a group of Jokers' fling pies at him. He uses his arsenal but realizes too late that the pies are drugged. Kitch stops the gun firing at them in the theater but actually realizes that it ran out of bullets. Batman awakens only to find himself chained to the floor while Cindy Brookes is stuck in a cage slowly filling with water but unable to free himself. The Joker says that out of all the gin joints in town he walked into his.

Appearing in "Smash Cut"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Barry Zedmore
  • Calvin Berkowitz
  • Cindy Brookes
  • Lurene





  • The red herring/promotional poster for the Joker's "Batman Movie" features a series of reviews as practical jokes as well as a reference to the slogan of the promotional poster for the 1978 Superman film.

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