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"Losing the Light": After his minions captured Batman at a warehouse, Joker claims that this is the final scene for "The Death of Batman". While the rest of the criminals fire at Batman who is chained to the

Quote1.png Something's not right... something... I can't put my finger on it... something's different... the way he moves... the ferocity... the lack of grace... the sheer brutality...
It's. Not. Him.
It's not bloody him!

Detective Comics #673 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1994.

Synopsis for "Losing the Light"

After his minions captured Batman at a warehouse, Joker claims that this is the final scene for "The Death of Batman". While the rest of the criminals fire at Batman who is chained to the floor. But the criminals realize that the guns they are using are firing blanks at Batman. While they are distracted Batman shoots his shurikens freeing himself from the ground. The criminals realize that he is on his feet and attempt to fight him in combat.

While Batman fights the criminals Joker notices that his archenemy is actually an imposter. The Batman takes down the last of the criminals before remembering that Cindy Brookes was still captured. He shoots the cage freeing her from the water. Cindy tells him that she was hired by the Joker as the one that would be in the "hot scenes." Meanwhile in the prop room, Joker claims that this new Batman is not the one he knows while killing the two critics. A vision of Saint Dumas appears to Jean-Paul telling him to let the system take over.

Commissioner Gordon is sitting in his office at Gotham City Police Headquarters talking to his wife about the Joker's new threats. But Sarah is really interested in talking about the new Batman saying that he's not the same. Gordon doesn't believe her walking out of his office in a hurry.

Batman looks for the Joker knowing that he wouldn't leave without killing Batman. He finds the Joker but sees that the Hollywood stars are wired with sem-tex collars knowing he could kill them by making a wrong step. He fires his grapnel hook jumping on top of the Joker. Joker reveals that his cane turn out to be a hidden blade hitting the side of Batman's armor. While the Joker's down Batman fires a shuriken at the wire connecting to the sem-tex collars before hitting the steps. Though subdued, Joker says that this is the part he get's taken back to jail. But Batman pulls the Joker's arm behind his back cracking it while saying the Joker's reign is over. Before Batman could further harm the Joker, Officer Kitch points a shotgun at Batman and saying that the police will take care of the rest of it but reluctantly turning a blind eye on the Dark Knight. After the Joker is taken away into an ambulance, Montoya and Bullock discuss that the Batman has changed and has gotten more brutal. In the ambulance, Joker escapes by kicking the doctor and rolling down the street laughing crazily into the distance.

Appearing in "Losing the Light"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Barry Zedmore (Final appearance)
  • Calvin Berkowitz (Final appearance)
  • Cindy Brookes (Final appearance)
  • Lurene (Final appearance)
  • Saint Dumas (In a vision)





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