"Contagion, Part Eight: Babylon Falls": Nightwing delivers Robin to the batcave and Alfred takes care of the boy wonder that has been infected by the virus now known

Quote1 This is the home of hopeless causes and blind faith. Quote2
-- Alfred Pennyworth

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Synopsis for "Contagion, Part Eight: Babylon Falls"

Nightwing delivers Robin to the batcave and Alfred takes care of the boy wonder that has been infected by the virus now known as "the clench". Alfred then tells Nightwing to go and help Batman because Robin was now in good care.

At Babylon Towers, Huntress watches as the people burn the building to the ground. Inside the building Batman and James Gordon seek a way out of the burning building. Batman covers Poison Ivy's unconscious body with a plastic bag and carries her upstairs. Gordon shoot a man who threatened his life and when there was no more stairs to climb; they decided to crush a window and try their luck in a leap of faith. Batman managed to bring Ivy and Gordon to the ground unscathed. Once in the ground, James Gordon went to see what happened with the GCPD members he brought to Babylon. There were only Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya; the rest left to stay with their families. The three of them watched as Babylon Towers burned.

Armand Krol was notified by the governor that the national guard would seal off Gotham City until the plague was contained. Krol was unable to left the City Hall for protection. He and Andrew Howe, the appointed police commissioner, were chatting when blood started to leak from Krol's eyes. He was infected. At that moment, Oracle received a call from Catwoman asking for information over the third and last survivor of the plague; a woman named Leanore We.

Batman and Nightwing reached the batmobile and were driving home when they encontered the national guard. They managed to escape by using the batmobile's nitrous feed. Batman called Alfred to know how Tim was doing. Batman then realized that the plague was out of control and reaching almost everyone in Gotham. Meanwhile Alfred sat sadly by Tim's dying side.



  • Armand Krol refers to the Governor as "Dave." Gotham City has been established as existing in New Jersey. At the time, New Jersey's real life governor was Christine Todd Whitman.
  • Alfred states that he storaged medical equipment from the last time they faced death in the batcave. This refers to the Knightfall events.
  • A newspaper headline reads: Joker: Back in Arkham. Joker last appeared in Action Comics #719.
  • James Gordon hints to know Batman's secret identity when he tells the vigilante that his childhood didn't leave him time to do normal kids activities.
  • Batman makes a reference to Dante Alighieri's epic poem Divine Comedy. Specifically to the first part, Inferno. After Gordon compares Babylon Towers with "the pit"; Batman asks which one of them is Dante and Virgil as they were the main characters that traveled through hell.
  • Gordon destroys a Biedermeier chair to open an exit of Babylon.

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Contagion Crossover
The events from this issue are related to the Contagion crossover that went through the Batman Family Titles in 1996, in which Gotham City had an epidemic of a mutant strand of the Ebola virus. The events of Contagion lead into Batman: Legacy, Batman: Cataclysm, and ultimately No Man's Land.
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