"The Death Lottery, Part One: Heart of Glass": Gunhawk and Bunny are ready to fulfill a contract on a man's life at the Seattle airport. Gunhawk missed the shot and they are both discovered. They have to leave the place because their ta

Quote1 There's other hunting grounds. Other jungles. And they teem with life far more cunning and ruthless than the pride we just massacred. And far less noble. Quote2

Detective Comics #708 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1997.

Appearing in "The Death Lottery, Part One: Heart of Glass"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gunhawk
  • Bunny
  • Deathstroke
  • Mr. Quintain (First appearance)
  • Templeton (First appearance)
  • Leopold Klescht (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Death Lottery, Part One: Heart of Glass"

Gunhawk and Bunny are ready to fulfill a contract on a man's life at the Seattle airport. Gunhawk missed the shot and they are both discovered. They have to leave the place because their target's bodyguard started to shoot at them. Bunny seems clearly mad at her partner.

Deathstroke was hunting in Africa under the name of Baas. He wwas shooting at some lions but he missed them. While he was reloading his weapon, the animals approached him and his guide, Bentley. Slade managed to kill two out of three lions but the last one knocked him to the ground. With his last effort, Slade killed the beast and later he apologized with Bentley for letting the animals come so near. He admits he is bored of hunting animals.

In Gotham City, a wealthy old man is dying. His name is Mr. Quintain; and his dying wish is to kill all the wealthy people in Gotham. His butler, Templeton, assures him that his desire will be done as he had already spread the word among the most prominent assassins in the world.

At their hideout, Bunny and Gunhawk are discussing because of the latest contracts that haven't been fulfilled due to Gunhawk's missing the shot. Bunny packs her stuff and leaves Gunhawk until he "gets his eye back". Gunhawks threatens her but is unable to hurt her, and he is left alone and clearly depressed.

Deathstroke tells Bentley that he must leave Africa to start hunting other preys in other jungles. Slade says goodbye as he leaves Africa in a plane.

In Gotham; Batman and Robin patrol the city, which is unusually calm. Batman told his sidekick that it was "just a lull before the storm". His omen proved to be right, as that night the first wealthy man was murdered in an hotel entrance. The assassin was an unknown man that beheaded the wealthy man. Templeton makes sure that Mr. Quintain knows about the first blood.

The Major Crime Units start to work on the case, because during that night, three more wealthy men were murdered in the city. Commissioner Gordon told his team to find as many answers or clues as they could before more victims were added to the list. He headed into his office and inside, Batman was waiting. They discussed about the killings and they both agreed that there were several killers working due to the differences in the modus operandi. Batman let Gordon know about another killing, another wealthy man, but this time it was a mob leader. Batman knew then that he might find a connection in the murders.

Batman headed to the Batcave and started working on the case. Alfred reminded him of an appointment that Bruce Wayne must fulfill. Bruce told Robin to work on the case with Oracle while he attended at the social affair. Robin and Oracle couldn't find a clear pattern and they decided that in order to find the killer, they must wait for some more people to be killed.

Meanwhile, Bruce met with Lucius Fox, Devlin Davenport and the rest of Gotham's most prominent citizens.

Outside, in different nearby buildings, Gunhawk and Deathstroke, had their aims into Bruce's head and were ready to shoot and kill him.


  • This is the first part of the storyline labeled as The Death Lottery; featuring Gunhawk and Deathstroke.
  • The story continues in Detective Comics #709.


  • There is a reference to Rwanda.

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