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"Chaos Squared": The Dynamiteer is creating chaos on the Gotham Bridge and William Pettit's team can't stop him. Nightwing and Robin arrive in time to stop the criminal and t

Quote1.png I'm sadder but wiser, Sarah. I got a glimpse of the truth. Outside of Gotham...I'm a joke. All I've ever been able to do is hold the line in this town. That's not good enough. Quote2.png
James Gordon

Detective Comics #728 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1999.

Synopsis for "Chaos Squared"

The Dynamiteer is creating chaos on the Gotham Bridge and William Pettit's team can't stop him. Nightwing and Robin arrive in time to stop the criminal and turn him into the Gotham City Police Department. Meanwhile, Nicholas Scratch is delighted to see that his plans are going smoothly.

Commissioner Gordon travels to Ivy Town in order to attend a job interview. The chief police of the town tells him that they will call him back when a spot is empty for him. Jim use a payphone to tell the good news to Sarah but then he notices that he forgot his eye-glasses at the chief's office and when he returns, Gordon overhears the chief and an officer laughing at him and joking about giving him a job after what happened in Gotham. James takes his glasses and then thanks the chief for opening his eyes.

Back in Gotham, Bullock and Montoya questions the Dynamiteer about the person who hired him and he tells them that they were hired by the devil. Bullock notices the hushed word they and worries for the next attack. That moment, at the Federal Building a big masked man with a huge jackhammer starts to destroy what is left of the building. Soon the police radio is flooded with emergency calls to all units available to go to the federal building. Nightwing and Robin listen to the call and set out as soon as they can. The police arrive first but when they try to stop the destroyer the whole building collapses, leaving no trace of the big man who calls himself Tumult.

James Gordon arrives in Gotham and Sarah welcomes him. Jim tells her about the events at Ivy Town and the two of them drive back at their home when suddenly they are attacked by a truck. Sarah's leg is hurt and Jim shoots at the truck's windshield and stops the attacker from ramming them again.

At the Federal Building, the police search the debris, hoping to find Tumult but they only find a big hole in the ground that was used by Tumult as a escape route. Nightwing and Robin are walking through the sewers just below the building and they are attacked by surprise by Tumult when he destroyed one of the sewer's walls with his jackhammer. Tumult struggles with them for a while but when he pushes Robin away, Nightwing is infuriated and attacks Tumult and the jackhammer strikes the ceiling of the sewer bringing down tons of concrete on top of him. Nightwing and Robin watch as Tumult lay unconscious and try to figure out who will attack next, not noticing a tiny camera through which they are being watched by a vengeful Gearhead.

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  • Firefly (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Bruce Wayne (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Marion Grange (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Jeffrey Conover (Single appearance)





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