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"Mosaic, Part Two": Barbara Gordon was ready to shoot at the leader of the riot outside her buiding, Black Mask, when suddenly out of nowhere came Batgirl leaving Barbara in shock

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Barbara Gordon

Detective Comics #732 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1999.

Synopsis for "Mosaic, Part Two"

Barbara Gordon was ready to shoot at the leader of the riot outside her buiding, Black Mask, when suddenly out of nowhere came Batgirl leaving Barbara in shock and devastated to see another woman other than her, using the Batgirl mantle. Batgirl fought the False Face Society and their leader all by herself. James Gordon was unaware of the events and he was arguing with his wife when Renee Montoya arrived and told him about the attack on Barbara's building. James Gordon moved out with all the Gotham City Police Department at his command towards Barbara's place. Batgirl managed to beat Black Mask and his followers before the police arrived and she took Sionis away from there. By the time the GCPD arrived at the scene the threat was gone and James Gordon went to see his daughter. Barbara was unharmed in her apartment but she was feeling devastated by the appearance of the new Batgirl. Barbara was already gathering information on the new vigilante when her father burst through her door to check on her.

Batgirl took Roman Sionis to Batman and he took the man to the place where all criminals were being held. Batgirl asked Batman where was he taking him but Batman refused to answer.

At Blackgate Penitentiary; a bunch of people was asking Lock-Up to let them inside but Lock-Up denied them the entrance pointing that the place was only for perps. A man started a fight down there and Lock-Up told KGBeast to shot at him and later he put him under custody. Batman witnessed the events and told Lock-Up to slow things down as he delivered Black Mask to Lock-Up. Batman told Lock-Up to keep Sionis apart from the rest of the inmates. Once the job was done, Batman told Batgirl never to follow him again and that if she disobeyed one more time, she was out of the team.

James Gordon was again arguing with Sarah while Montoya was standing guard outside their room, listening all that was happening. When things went violent and the voices stopped talking, Montoya was worried but upon entering the room, she find James and Sarah embracing each other in a loving way and decided to leave them alone.

Barbara created a make-shift Bat-Signal to call Batman. Batman arrived and Barbara unleashed all of her pain and sorrow caused by the sight of the new Batgirl. Batman assured him that it was never his intention to hurt her and that she must trust him. Barbara understood and trust him but she didn't approve of the new Batgirl.

Somewhere else in Gotham, the remaining members of the False Face Society were being held prisoners and put to trial by an undisclosed man with aid of the Tally Man. The punishment for their crimes was death.

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