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"Jurisprudence, Part II": Two-Face starts the trial against James Gordon under the terms that if found guilty, Two-Face will kill Gordon's wife, his officers and the people under his protection. Renee Montoya

Quote1.png You want to play games with me, fine, Harvey... don't expect me to like it. Quote2.png
Jim Gordon

Detective Comics #739 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1999.

Synopsis for "Jurisprudence, Part II"

Two-Face starts the trial against James Gordon under the terms that if found guilty, Two-Face will kill Gordon's wife, his officers and the people under his protection. Renee Montoya forces Two-Face to agree that if found innocent, he will spare everyone's lives and he will also let the Montoyas go and place himself under arrest.

Meanwhile at the Gordons' house, the Gotham City Police Department are trying to break inside to save Sarah from Tally Man and from afar, Batman and Robin watch the situation. Batman tells Robin to contact Oracle and to tell her to call the others to get the place as soon as possible.

At the Court House, the trial begins and Two-Face calls the first witness: Renee Montoya. Two-Face asks Renee about the orders that Gordon gave her and how she was told to deal with Two-Face despite her unwillingness to do so. Two-Face blames Gordon for abusing his power over people. When Renee has nothing more to add, Two-Face calls James Gordon to testify. Two-Face asks Gordon if he is aware of the danger and potential threat that Two-Face represents to society and Gordon tells him that he is aware of the facts. Two-Face then blames Gordon for making a deal with someone who is clearly a bad person, for not honoring their agreement and also for the fact that Renee Montoya was held captive for over five months. For Two-Face, the verdict is clear and he is about to execute Gordon immediately. Renee stops him and tells him that Gordon is entitled to a defense but Two-Face explains that there isn't a person capable of speaking in his defense. Gordon calls Harvey Dent to act as his defense and with doubt in his head, Two-Face agrees.

He sits in the witness chair and Harvey Dent starts making questions to Two-Face about his proposal of help to James Gordon, even before they made any deal. Harvey Dent demonstrates that the man responsible for all the actions is Two-Face as he blackmailed, threatened and conspired against James Gordon and the GCPD. Without knowing what else to say or do, Two-Face stays in a catatonic state for a while. Renee Montoya tells Gordon to leave the court house and go back to his home to check on his wife. Two-Face then realizes that Gordon is not guilty and he steps down to where Renee is waiting. Two-Face gives up and Renee places him under arrest.

Back in his home, James Gordon finds that the place is too quiet. He steps inside and finds the bodies of Two-Face henchmen knocked out and tied on the floor. He called for Sarah and she appears out of the shadows, safe and sound. James wants to know what happened and Sarah shows him that the cavalry arrived. Jim thinks that it is Pettit but then he sees Harvey Bullock, Officer Lowell; Batgirl, Azrael, Robin and Batman standing on his garden.

Jim approaches Batman and decides that it is time for them to talk.

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  • There is a mistake in the arrest of Two-Face. At first, Montoya handcuffed him with his hands on front of him and the next panel he is seen with his hands on his back.

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