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"Shellgame, Part II": The rebuilding of Gotham City is going smoothly for Lex Luthor. The people of Gotham are willing to work for the better of their city. The reconstruction efforts already reached the Gotham Clock Tower where [[Barbara Gordon (New Eart

Quote1.png You know what it takes to rebuild a city? It's not time. You can make time. It's not hope. Humanity--no man's land notwithstanding--has an infinite capacity for hope. It's money. Quote2.png
Barbara Gordon

Detective Comics #740 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2000.

Synopsis for "Shellgame, Part II"

The rebuilding of Gotham City is going smoothly for Lex Luthor. The people of Gotham are willing to work for the better of their city. The reconstruction efforts already reached the Gotham Clock Tower where Barbara Gordon keeps an eye on the working people and on Lex's activities.

At CampLex, Mercy Graves informs Lex about the Joker's attacks on their camps and Lex tells Mercy to take care of the attacks of the clown.

Meanwhile, Robin is on Pettit's territory, watching any suspicious activity. Batman arrived at the place and joined Robin in the surveillance. Batman and Robin realize that Huntress and Pettit were not in good terms and that Pettit was becoming more unstable with each day. Huntress seemed to be helpless but Batman trusts in her strength. Batman leaves Robin without saying where he is going.

At another reconstruction camp, the men guarding the place are knocked out by Harley Quinn and the Joker's people. The Joker makes his entrance and scares most of the workers of the place. Joker takes a woman hostage and is about to harm her with some scissors but he is stopped by Bane. Joker admits that he wanted Batman's attention and that facing Bane isn't in his plans. Bane gives the Joker a beating and when Joker is completely incapacitated, Mercy appears and tells the Joker to stop his rampage on LexCorp's rebuilding efforts. Joker and Harley are allowed to go away while Bane and Mercy return to their respective trucks. Batman witnesses the scene from the shadows.

Bane enters his truck and finds that Batman is already inside. Bane tells Batman that he knew what was his plan and that he hasn't told about it to Mercy or Lex. Batman then tells Bane that he already knows what is the arrangement between Lex and Bane. Lex is going to give Santa Prisca to Bane. Batman then asks Bane to leave Gotham and to go claim his country or otherwise Batman is going to take him down. Bane tells Batman that he will be out of Gotham by the end of the week.

Barbara is watching a talk show on TV, where some of the survivors of No Man's Land are talking about their experiences in the city. The host of the show urges the people watching that it is time to demand that the authorities do the right thing and end the No Man's Land once and for all.

Later, Penguin calls Lex and Mercy to a meeting in one of his hideouts. Penguin tells Luthor that he wants a piece of the city for being the man who uncovered his illegal activities or otherwise he will tell the press the truth about him. Penguin is overconfident because he and his men outnumber Lex and Mercy. Lex tells Mercy to take care of it and Mercy kills all of Penguin's men without taking any damage. Lex warns Penguin never to threat him again, for he had "Mercy".

Lex and Mercy returns to CampLex and realize that their security has become weak after Joker and Penguin's attacks. Lex knows that he can't get more men inside Gotham until the No Man's Land is lifted. Lex is planning to blackmail the U.S. President when Mercy tells him that there was something happening at Washington, D.C.. Lucius Fox is addressing the people of the entire nation with good news. Under his command, Wayne Enterprises managed to make the United States Government sign an executive order that declared the end of No Man's Land. Batman and Oracle are watching the news and they realize that it was matter of time before the city was officialy reopened and part of that victory was thanks to their efforts. They also know that it is up to them to prepare the city for the opening.

Appearing in "Shellgame, Part II"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • William Pettit
  • Huntress
  • Lucius Fox (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Lori (Single appearance)
  • Minerva Fredang (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Mitzi Fredang (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Robert Engleson (On a TV or computer screen)






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This issue is a part of the Batman: No Man's Land crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1999. Gotham City was declared by the President to be no longer a part of the United States after the combined disasters of Contagion, Legacy and Cataclysm.
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