"Procedure": Detectives Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya arrive at Wayne Manor to begin their high profile investigation into the murder of Vesper Fairchild. The victim was shot several times in the b

Quote1 You really think he's going to cover for you? Bruce Wayne has more money that you or I will ever see, Sasha. He can pay for lawyers 'til we've turned to dust. And what are you going to have? A public defender who couldn't care less what happens to you. Quote2
-- Renée Montoya

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Synopsis for "Procedure"

Detectives Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya arrive at Wayne Manor to begin their high profile investigation into the murder of Vesper Fairchild. The victim was shot several times in the back and all the evidence seems to point to Bruce Wayne, making this case one that is fast becoming a media frenzy. After looking over the scene, both detectives head back to the GCPD Headquarters and begin their independent interrogations of Wayne and his bodyguard Sasha Bordeaux. When the 911 police tape is played for Wayne, Allen states it could be the proof needed to get Bruce the death penalty if he doesn't tells the truth about Vesper's death. However, Bruce and Sasha would not reveal any information.

The news about Vesper's murder has reached the media and at that moment at Brentwood Academy, where Alfred Pennyworth has been staying with Tim Drake, Wayne's butler packs his belongings and heads back to Wayne Manor to offer his help in any way he can.

Appearing in "Josie Mac: Lost Voices, Part Four"

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  • Josie Mac's Father
  • Oscar Castro


  • David Montassano
  • Rudy "Step" Farrelli

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  • The MacDnonalds (In a photograph only)


Synopsis for "Josie Mac: Lost Voices, Part Four"

Josie Mac is lectured by her father about risking his life on his duty, but she assures him that she is going to be fine. Josie heads out and after talking to her partner, she goes investigating the disappearance of Anthony Antonelli, the son of mafia boss Vincent Antonelli. She goes to the Antonelli residence and later she goes to the street boss known as Step Farelli, enemy to Antonelli. In both scenarios she is unsuccessful and is forced to defend herself rom Farrelli's attack.

It has been a long day for Josie and she haven't answered any of the many calls to her cellphone. She tries to catch up, but there are too many voice messages from her police partner, her father and a friend of hers called Diane. Her father and partner messages sounded worried about the case she has been working on and she doesn't understand what happened. Josie thinks about the chaos that would come of placing a reward to any information on the kid's wherabouts just as she realizes that mafia boss Vincent Antonelli is offering a reward of two million dollars and has sent the notification to every TV, radio station and newspaper in Gotham. Josie knows that all hell is about to break loose.


  • This book was first published on January 9, 2002.
  • This is the officially the first part of the storyline Bruce Wayne: Fugitive titled Bruce Wayne: Murderer? The story takes place after Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure #1 and it continues in Batgirl #24.
  • Despite the stablished reading order, the events in Batgirl #24 take place at the same time as this issue.


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This comic issue is a part of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer? and Bruce Wayne: Fugitive story that went through every Batman Family title in 2002. Bruce Wayne was framed for the murder of his love interest Vesper Fairchild and forced to go on the run from the law so he could prove his innocence. This adventure almost completely compromised his identity from the inside.

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