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"Atonement, Part 1": At the Gotham State Penitentiary, the female division is watching TV when the news about the capture and confession of the real killer of Vesper Faichild come up. Sasha stops Vicki "The Queen" from changing

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Detective Comics #773 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2002. It was published on August 7, 2002.

Synopsis for "Atonement, Part 1"

At the Gotham State Penitentiary, the female division is watching TV when the news about the capture and confession of the real killer of Vesper Faichild come up. Sasha stops Vicki "The Queen" from changing the channel until she learns everything about the case. Vicki didn't like it.

Meanwhile, at the GCPD Headquarters, Bruce Wayne and his counsel Rachel Green are talking to Maggie Saywer and they tell her that she is to tell the press that the responsible for the murder of Fairchild is behind bars and that Bruce Wayne has no part in the crime. As Bruce and Green leave the building, they are attacked by a swarm of reporters who want a piece of the news. Bruce gets on his car with Green's help and she stays to answer them while Alfred drives Bruce to Wayne Manor.

When they arrive, Bruce can't help but remember about Vesper's dead body lying on the floor and later, he starts thinking about Sasha, who is still in prison because she has been already convicted. Alfred tells Bruce that he can go visit her but Bruce replies that he'd rather have his attorney, Rachel Green help Sasha's lawyer over-turn her conviction.

The next day, Sasha is training in the prison's yard when Vicki attacks her by surprise and punches her with a dumbbell in the stomach. Sasha is reacts fast enough to knock down Vicki, but in the end she is badly injured. A guard approaches and Sasha tells him that Vicki just slipped and if he needed proof, he'd just needs to ask another inmate who witnessed the scene, like Taracon who was standing the whole time, watching Sasha.

Moments later, David Weiss, Sasha's lawyer, visits her and tells her that the chance for another hearing would take some time and that she'd probably be in prison for another month until the can appeal the conviction. However, when Weiss mentioned that Wayne's lawyer is helping him, Sasha refuses any sort of help coming from Bruce, even if that means to spend more time in prison. During the whole conversation, her stomach was aching but she resisted.

At luch, Sasha grabs her food but as soon as she starts looking for a table to eat, she notices that there's blood coming out of her mouth and she passes out in the middle of the dining hall. Taracon, who was keeping an eye on Sasha as usual, approaches her and calls for the guards.

Elsewhere, Jessica Midnight is given instructions about a mysterious former vigilante who operated in Gotham City along with Batman and the rest of them. Taracon, who is working under cover for Checkmate has told them that Sasha Bordeaux, matches the description of said vigilante perfectly and Midnight is assigned to look out for Bordeaux.

The next day, Alfred goes to the prison to visit Sasha but he isn't allowed to see her because she died. Alfred takes back the information to the Batcave, where he tells Bruce all what happened in prison and how Sasha was taken to the infirmary after she fainted, but the damage was too extensive and she was declared officially dead in the morning. Alfred tells Bruce that the body was claimed by her family and that her aggressor is now on solitary confinement. However, Bruce gets up and changes into the Batsuit and tells Alfred that he is going to find Sasha wherever she is. Alfred doesn't understand and Batman explains him that Sasha had no family and thus nobody could have claimed the body. Batman starts the Batmobile and leaves the cave.

Appearing in "Atonement, Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Victoria Cummings (Single appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Hunt"

A couple of thieves steal jewelry wearing Fox and Crow masks. They try to escape from the police who was nearby and they manage to get away, but one of the was shot in a lung and was dying. The other thief, called Bishop takes care of his partner and he kills him by shooting him and then he disposes of the body burying it in a construction site with fresh cement and then he drives the car down to a nearby river, clearing all the evidence.

Meanwhile, Montoya and Allen investigate the crime scene and find little evidence to work upon, only that the thieves knew the perfect time to strike. As they keep questioning the witnesses, a dark figure hears everything from a nearby rooftop.

This monster like figure goes out after learning some details and starts tracking down people who might be involved in the crime and using harsh methods he learns all he needs to know to find the criminals.

Later at night, Bishop tries to relax in his apartment when he receives a phone call telling him to get out of town as soon as possible because something is coming for him, something not human. At that same moment, the lights on his apartment go down and The Tracker is standing on his window. Bishop reaches for his gun and shoots at the monster, but bullets seem to have no effect on it and it attacks Bishop. As the creature approaches, Bishop finds himself helpless and without escape.

Appearing in "The Hunt"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Billy Leone (Single appearance)
  • Frankie Bishop (First appearance)
  • Jordan DuFresne (Single appearance)
  • Mo Zulaica (Single appearance)
  • Simon Valentine (Single appearance)
  • Tommy Cardinal (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Eli Sacks (Single appearance)
  • Harmony (Single appearance)
  • Mika (Single appearance)




  • Information presented in Batman Family 1 indicates that the events of this story arc occur somewhere between May, 2002 and July 16, 2002 in continuity time.
  • The thieves form the second story used the masks of Fox and the Crow from the Columbia Screen Gems cartoons.

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