"Atonement, Part 2": Batman sneaks into the Gotham State Penitentiary in order to learn the truth about Sasha Bordeaux's supposed dead. He retrieves the medical files and confronts the resident doctor with the documents. The man trie

Quote1.png You may not have anything to do with it. It's possible I'm on a wild-goose chase. But if I'm right, and it comes back to you, I don't care who you are or who you serve... I'll burn this whole place to the ground. Quote2.png

Detective Comics #774 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2002. It was published on September 4, 2002.

Appearing in "Atonement, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Atonement, Part 2"

Batman sneaks into the Gotham State Penitentiary in order to learn the truth about Sasha Bordeaux's supposed dead. He retrieves the medical files and confronts the resident doctor with the documents. The man tries to give Batman the same lie that everyone else has been telling and Batman pushes him a little more until the man finally admits that someone took the body but they weren't related to Sasha in any way.

Bruce returns to Wayne Manor where he finds Alfred talking to Sasha's lawyer and he learns that since she is dead, it will be virtually impossible to over turn the convition sentence on her. Bruce feels somehow defeated and he admits that he wants Sasha back. Alfred assumes that Bruce has developed some romantic interest in the woman, but Bruce assures him that he only wants her back because she knows all the secrets and is too risky to have her out there.

Two weeks later, Sasha wakes up in a dark room where there's only a woman named Jessica Midnight. She tells Sasha all about her "death" and she introduces Checkmate to her. Midnight knows that Sasha was a costumed vigilante that operated in Gotham and she wants Sasha to work for their organization, Checkmate. Sasha doesn't feel like doing so, but after she is offered the chance of a new life with a new identity, she gladly agrees.

A few months pass and Batman is unable to find Sasha. All the clues and evidence lead to dead ends and after a while, he decides to surrender. However, instead of asking himself, how did Sasha disappear, Batman asked himself who could make her disappear.

Some nights later, Batman intercepts David Said when he is on a mission and tells him the whole situation. Batman's questioning of Said lead him to one of Checkmate's headquarters, where he breaks in and starts looking for some evidence in one of the main computers when he is interrupted by Jessica Midnight and her personal group. Batman tells her what he is looking for and they allow him to continue.

After an unsuccesful research, Batman leaves the place, but before leaving, he warns Midnight that he'd burn Checkmate if he discovers that they are responsible for the disappearance of Sasha. As Batman leaves, a mysterious woman part of Checkmate, with very short auburn hair and hard facial expression stares silently at the dark knight.

Appearing in "The Hunt, Part 2"

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  • Bugg (First appearance)


  • Frankie Bishop
  • Jordan DuFresne

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Synopsis for "The Hunt, Part 2"

Bishop is trying to evade the Tracker's attacks while the landlord and some other man are trying to get inside the room to know what's happening. When the landlords gets inside, the tracker attacks the man and Bishop takes the chance to leave the room and he runs to the street outside. A hot chase begins and from a nearby rooftop, a mysterious figure stands watching the whole scene. Bishop gets down to the nearest subway station, but the train doesn't seem to come any time soon and Tracker is already on the entrance. Bishop takes one girl in the statio as hostage and threatens her life. Tracker stops for a moment and Bishop notices the train approaching and he tosses the girl to the rail tracks, forcing Tracker to jump and save the girl, giving him enough time to get away from the beast who wants to get him.

Bishop gets into a pub and calls his boss about the situation, but the man is more scared of Tracker than Bishop himself. Bishop hangs the phone and notices a man that looked very much like him and decides to follow him outside of the pub.

The next morning, Bishop, who had shaved his beard to look like the man in the pub, has taken over the man's identity and goes to the job interview that the other man was supposed to go. Under the name Dave Whitman, Bishop gets a job in Arkham Asylum.


  • This is the second part of the storyline titled Atonement. The previous chapter is Detective Comics #773 and the story continues in Detective Comics #775.
  • This issue is part of the Aftermath to the Bruce Wayne: Fugitive storyline. It develops the story of Sasha Bordeaux.
  • Information presented in Batman Family 1 indicates that the events of this story arc occur somewhere between May, 2002 and July 16, 2002 in continuity time.


  • The location Goodwin Corners of the second story is named after the legendary editor Archie Goodwin.

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