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"Monsters of Rot, Part Two: Knee Deep": Orpheus, Commissioner Akins and Sanitation Commissioner Johnson's telephones ring in the middle of the night as a result of the attack on the Sanchez Waste Treatment Plant. Orpheus commands his gang

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Detective Comics #795 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2004. It was published on June 2, 2004.

Synopsis for "Monsters of Rot, Part Two: Knee Deep"

Orpheus, Commissioner Akins and Sanitation Commissioner Johnson's telephones ring in the middle of the night as a result of the attack on the Sanchez Waste Treatment Plant. Orpheus commands his gang to go to the place, while Akins tells the police to wait and see what does Batman has in mind. However, Johnson didn't answer his phone as he committed suicide.

Batman and Tarantula fight off the attacker at the treatment plant and after they've taken them down, Orpheus appears and pretends that he has come to save his men. Tarantula attacks him and gets away with some of Opheus' gang flamethrowers. Batman allows Orpheus to punch him once in front of his men, so he doesn't look bad after the beating of Tarantula and afterwards, Batman runs into the plant to stop Tarantula from making a mistake. However, Batman arrives late and Tarantula uses the flamethrower againts a treatment vat full of a dark liquid. Batman glides to her location and protects her from the ensuing explosion caused by the burning of the methane in the plant. Batman's fire resistant cape protects him and Tarantula, but when the fire dissipates they are both attacked by a sentient being formed of the dark liquid in the vat.

Batman manages to save them and he locks the door to prevent anyone else from getting inside. Batman and Tarantula make their way out using a pipe that connects the plant to the main sewer system. Tarantula explains Batman about The Mugre while Batman seals the door leading to the plant and they walk away from the place. However, Batman notices that there are too many cockroaches and Tarantula recalls his encounter with the monster in Bludhaven. Kafka forms a face and speaks to them, telling that he is hungry. Batman disregards Kafka and he takes Tarantula with him out to the streets of Gotham and warns her to stay away from the case of "The Mugre". At that moment, the police finally takes control of the situation at the plant and Orpheus goes to the Sanitation Commissioner's home, just to find the man dead. Orpheus hides when a gang bursts into the commissioner's place and they take the body away.

That night, Batman and Taratula make their own reseach on the mysterious being behind The Mugre and Batman is able to find the answer. The Mugre is just a bacteria, which can function as living organisms if they're gathered in large colonies. Knowing that the disease was common in Central America until the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, and then Batman finally finds the solution.

Batman arrives at the plant, wearing a special Batsuit and finds Tarantula is trying to get inside the plant, despite his orders of dropping the case. Batman opens the door and allows the content from the sewers to get into the plant. Among the contents, were thousands of cockroaches that run towards the dark liquid and a fight starts between Kafka and The Mugre. The cokroaches feed from the bacteria until they finally deplete it, ending the threat of the mugre. Batman and Tarantula are safe and he tells her to get out of Gotham.

The next day, Batman talks to Commissioner Akins and tells him about the bacteria at the treatment plant and also gives him a cure for all the people that was infected while working at that plant.

At night, Orpheus tells Batman what he saw at the Sanitation Commissioner's home. Batman assumes that the mafia is involved and he decides to give Orpehus a bodyguard, since the man wasn't capable of stopping the thugs from taking Johnson's body; and Batman knows exactly who to call.

Appearing in "Monsters of Rot, Part Two: Knee Deep"

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Synopsis for "Polished Stone, Part One"

Green Arrow goes to the monastery looking for Onyx Adams, a former member of the League of Assassins. Oliver has been asked by Batman to call her back to aid him in his fight against crime.

Onyx accepts and she goes to Gotham City, where Batman is waiting. He gives her instructions to protect Orpheus and act as his personal bodyguard.

During a transaction, Orpheus' gang is double crossed and they have to fight against several armed men. Onyx appears just in time to aid them and they manage to overcome their enemies. As a punishment, Orpheus takes the money he paid for the weapons and splits it between his men and he tells them to throw the weapons into the ocean.

Orphueus and Onyx are now officially partners and Batman appears to tell them that the real test has just begun.

Appearing in "Polished Stone, Part One"

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  • Hill Gang
    • Eric (gang member)
    • Rakim (gang member)



  • Green Arrow Bow and Arrows


  • The Mugre is spanish for grime.
  • The Hill Gang members Eric and Rakim are a reference to the hip-hop duo Eric B. & Rakim.

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