"...And Red All Over": A man looks for a victim on a subway wagon and he finally finds it...

Quote1.png Even with one arm, I could just snap his neck. And end this forever. But I can't... I won't ever... become like him. There is always... another way. Quote2.png

Detective Comics #796 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2004. It was published on July 8, 2004.

Synopsis for "...And Red All Over"

A man looks for a victim on a subway wagon and he finally finds it...

Two common thieves are running away from the store they just stole and they're spotted by Batman and his new partner, Robin, who is in fact Stephanie Brown in the role of Robin. Batman and Robin stop the criminals and Robin delivers the stolen goods back to the store. Oracle contacts Batman to tell him about the murder on a subway wagon and the duo get going to the crime scene.

Batman and Robin arrive at the wagon, which was separated from the train and they investigate the scene. Batman wants Robin to hone her detective skills and they analyze the blood left in the scene. Batman notices a strange pattern on the blood left and after a brief analysis, he learns that some of that blood belongs to Mr. Zsasz. Batman wants Robin to stay out of the case, but she convinces him otherwise and after a brief change of outfit, they go to the main subway station looking for more clues.

They find the trail left by Zsasz, while the killer watches them from the shadows of the tunnels. He spots Robin and immediately he decides she is his next victim. Robin notices something in the tunnel and they discover that it's the corpse of a woman, who has been recently murdered. Batman tells Robin to head back home because the situation has become too dangerous for her. Robin starts walking away and after a few seconds, Robin disappears without a trail. Batman notices and realized that she has been taken by Zsasz.

Zsasz is holding Robin and without delay, he tries to slit her throat, but her neck is protected by the new outfit Batman gave her and she manages to free herself from his grasp, but the man knocks her down with a single blow. He is ready to kill her when Batman comes and starts fighting the assassin. Zsasz's physical condition makes him a tough opponent and he manages to dislocate Batman's right arm. Batman breaks Zsasz's nose, but the madman is still capable of fighting. Zsasz gets the upper hand in the fight and he strangles Batman. Robin recovers and dislocates Zsasz's nose completely. Deranged, Zsasz focuses on her and Batman seizes the opportunity to knock him out.

After delivering Zsasz to the authorities, Batman scolds Robin for using lethal force against Zsasz, but all he wants is for her to learn that there is always other ways to win than killing the opponent.

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Synopsis for "Polished Stone, Part Two"

At the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin welcomes the new leader of the Hill Gang, Orpheus and his new lieutenant, Onyx. Penguin gives them a table and soon, Batman and Batgirl get inside the establishment, looking for them for the casualties caused by Orpheus' gang. They start fighting and as a result they wreck the Iceberg Lounge entirely.

It was all a stage performance in order to make Orpheus and Onyx look important to the rest of the underground community and in the end, the whole group gathers together to plan the next step.

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