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"War Games: Act 2, Part 1 of 8: Undertow": The news about the collapse of Gotham since the gang war began are all over the media and the most shocking among them is the frist ever video capture of Batman carrying the unconscious body of [[Darla A

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Detective Comics #798 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2004. It was published on September 1, 2004.

Synopsis for "War Games: Act 2, Part 1 of 8: Undertow"

The news about the collapse of Gotham since the gang war began are all over the media and the most shocking among them is the frist ever video capture of Batman carrying the unconscious body of Darla Aquista, daughter of mob leader Henry Aquista. Soon after the shooting at the Louis Memorial High School, Darla died from the bullet wound in her shoulder and the Aquista family decide to payback all the gangs responsible for her death.

Meanwhile, several concerned citizens of Gotham have gathered at the City Hall, hoping to get an answer from the authorities about the measures to stop the violence. Oracle keeps a close eye on the situation and she notices that Tim Drake is among the crowd. Tim feels guilty for being inactive when he could be helping Batman to control the situation and when he listens to Arturo Rodriguez talking about his loss of faith in Batman, Tim feels even worse.

Meanwhile, Oracle contacts Batman and reports the current situation on every hot spot. Oracle also tells him that she feels overwhelmed by the load of work she has to do and still she would like to be more active. She is also concerned that Batman might be mad at her for breaking up with Nightwing, because he sent Black Canary and Huntress on a mission far away or simply because what happened with Stephanie Brown. Batman tells her that none of that matters and that he doesn't want to call Stephanie to help them, since he doesn't want to put her in danger. Oracle tells him that without her help, they are still in need of people and Batman is currently going to meet someone who might help with that trouble.

Commissioner Akins is waiting at the rooftop of the GCPD Headquarters and Batman joins him to discuss the situation. Batman wants the control of the entire police department for eight hours in order to get the situation under control, but Akins refuses since he has lost trust on Batman after the events at the high school and also because that is not the right thing to do.

Meanwhile on the streets, the violence keeps uprising and Renee Montoya does his best to stop Pistolera and Vicious, but she is injured in the shoulder by one of Vicious' daggers.

At that moment at Leslie's clinic, a group of police officers has arrived, looking to apprehend some of the criminals under Leslie's care. Onyx, who has just recovered, escapes just in time and avoids been seen by the police.

Tim Drake is struggling with a hard decision and after considering his options, he makes a decision.

Meanwhile, Alexandra Kosov meets with a mysterious person, who has killed her bodyguards and offers her protection from the backlash that is about to come from everybody in Gotham against her and her gang.

Tim is Robin again.

A few moments later, Batman arrives at Alexandra's apartment and notices a trail of blood, still warm in the floor. Right after that, he hides after listening to strange sounds coming from the outside. The door of the apartment is broken down and several armed thugs start shooting in every direction, but they stop when they realize that the place is empty. Batman takes the chance and drops on them, takes them out and leaves one thug for questioning. Batman learns that the hit was ordered by Henry Aquista and he gets on the move, reporting the events to Oracle.

Tim Drake finally arrives at Wayne Manor, where he is welcomed by Alfred, who is glad to see him, but sad that he has decided to stop living a "normal" life. Tim retrieves his old outfit and climbing to one of Gotham tallest buildings, Tim puts on his Robin costume, asking forgiveness for breaking his promise, but making the right decision.

Appearing in "War Games: Act 2, Part 1 of 8: Undertow"

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Other Characters:

  • Darla Aquista (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Caitlin Callahan (reporter) (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Charlie (cameraman)
  • David Hull (Mentioned only)
  • Jim (orderly)
  • Roger (orderly)



Synopsis for "Low, Part II"

Riddler is trapped in Poison Ivy's vines and she takes Riddler to the top of a tree to talk to him. Ivy tells Riddler that he is nothing compared to her, Joker, Two-Face or any of the "real super villains".

Ivy wants nothing more but the eliminate him right there, but Riddler acknowledges that she might be right and he jumps off the tree to the river below, escaping death by Ivy's hands. Ivy has not given up yet and she states that it's time for hunting.

Appearing in "Low, Part II"

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  • There is a reference In "Low, Part II" to the popular comic book character Archie and his fellow Jughead.

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