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"War Games: Act 3, Part 1 of 8: Good Intentions": Gotham City is absolutely calm and Leslie Thompkins enjoy the little break she has had in over 24 hours. Arturo Rodriguez reports the current situation an

Quote1.png All right, everyone! The Bat's really got us over the table on this one. He's jeopardized all of our lives and the lives of every good citizen in this city. So from here on out -- forget the rubber bullets. You see anyone in a mask... you shoot to kill. Quote2.png
Michael Akins

Detective Comics #799 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2004. It was published on October 6, 2004.

Synopsis for "War Games: Act 3, Part 1 of 8: Good Intentions"

Gotham City is absolutely calm and Leslie Thompkins enjoy the little break she has had in over 24 hours. Arturo Rodriguez reports the current situation and comes to the conclusion that either the heroes of Gotham won the battle, or this is just the prelude to the final and most devastating battle.

Meanwhile, Batman's war games plan has been set in motion and the Bat-Family is herding all the criminals, freaks in costumes and mafia members inside the Robinson Park's amphitheater. Batman is overlooking the situation from inside while the Gotham City Police Department is surrounding the place with help from Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl. Batman tells the police to wait for his signal before start moving inside the place, much to Commissioner Akins dismay. Inside, the place is crowded and the villains are getting anxious to see their would be leader, Orpheus.

However, at that moment, Onyx goes to Orpheus' apartment and after looking for a moment, she finds his dead body and contacts Batman. At Robinson Park, the impostor appears and talks to the criminals of Gotham, giving them instructions to turn all their efforts against their true enemies, the vigilantes. Batman realizes that something is very wrong and Onyx tells him that Orpheus is dead and that the man in the park is an impostor.

Batman tries to reach the man posing as Orpheus, but is attacked by the hundreds of villains in the place. He spots Dr. Death operating some machine while Firefly, Killer Croc and many other villains attack him. Batman fights them as best as he can, but he is soon outnumbered. Tarantula is prompted to leave the place and take his gang "Las Arañas" to safety, but many other gangsters and criminals are also going out. Batman fights the villains and manages to take down Dr. Death and destroys his machine, however, there are still hundreds of criminals that want to destroy him.

The GCPD aren't sure of what's happening and since there hasn't been any signal from Batman, they are don't know what to do. When the criminals start coming out of the place, the police are attacked by the many criminals, including Carnivora and Scarface's gang, forcing the police to answer shooting rubber bullets, under Batman's instructions. Batman manages to lit the signal in the sky, but it is much late to do anything about it. Using her surveillance system at the Watchtower, Oracle notices that Batman is barely able to fight back the waves of enemies that come to him and she calls in the other members of the team to go inside the park to aid Batman. Meanwhile, the GCPD and the criminals have finished their battle and there are several casualties from both sides, but the police manage to get the situation under control. Right after the worst is over, Commissioner Akins gives new instructions to everybody: whenever there's a costumed freak, shoot to kill.

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Synopsis for "Low Part 3"

Riddler tries to run away from Poison Ivy, who is chashing him across her sanctuary gardens. Injured and tired, Riddler gets going but is soon reached by Ivy, who starts beating the man some more. Riddler can't stand the pain anymore and gives up. He admits that he did wrong and that he would never be at the same level as the other super criminals in Gotham. Riddler begs Poison Ivy to finish him right there, but Ivy refuses. She decides to leave as she has accomplished what she wanted. Edward stays frozen in a catatonic state, while Ivy explains her groundskeeper that she has no need to kill him, since Riddler is already dead inside.

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