"City of Crime, Part 3: The Horror Show": Batman has followed the clues of the disappearance of Cassie Welles and his search has led him to a man called Andre Skyes. Skyes reveals to Batman the location of another group of kidnappped pregnant

Detective Comics #803 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2005. It was published on February 2, 2005.

Appearing in "City of Crime, Part 3: The Horror Show"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Cassie Welles (Flashback only)
  • André Sykes (Penguin's henchman) (First appearance)
  • Bubblegum Charlie (Penguin's henchman) (First appearance; dies)
  • Tony (Penguin's informant)
  • Theresa Cushing (a wealthy Gothamite)
  • Nathan Cushing (Theresa's son)



Synopsis for "City of Crime, Part 3: The Horror Show"

Batman has followed the clues of the disappearance of Cassie Welles and his search has led him to a man called Andre Skyes. Skyes reveals to Batman the location of another group of kidnappped pregnant girls but upon arriving, the only thing he finds is the broken and frozen body of a man.

In fact, hours earlier, Mister Freeze had arrived and he froze almost all the women in the room, except for a lonely girl who was in the bedroom. Freeze took the woman with him and froze one of the henchmen for questioning him.

At the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin is worried because his business with the girls has been discovered and has to do something to prevent the police or Batman from finding out. Penguin is informed that Freeze is responsible for the assault on his hideout and that he might have also taken the missing girl, Cassie Welles. Penguin regrets having contacted Freeze to eliminate attorney at law Joseph Hish, who was the contact between Penguin and City Hall and also has been in charge of illegal child adoptions.

Batman then goes to the house of a woman called Theresa Cushing, who had recently adopted a kid and asks for the procedure, but the woman is too freaked out about Batman's presence and she refuses to give him any information. Batman then goes to the office of Joseph Hish and finds it utterly empty.

After some more investigation at the Batcave, Batman tells Robin to keep an eye on Theresa Cuching while he goes to see the frozen man. Robin looks at the house of Theresa and soon he notices that her husband arrives home. With help from a microphone placed inside the house by Batman, Robin is able to listen to them. She tells her husband about Batman's presence but soon, something goes wrong as she discovers that the man is not her husband and she starts screaming.

Meanwhile, Batman watches as the frozen henchman thaws and starts speaking some words before he dies. Batman makes sense of what he was talking and finally realizes that the man behind it all is Penguin.

However, at that moment, Penguin's informants tell him that the police and other people involved in his crimes are already on the Iceberg Lounge. Miss Jessica, her assistant takes Penguin to a secret safe room and his henchman Tony goes along with him. However, Tony was trapped in his apartment after a bald man tied him to his own bed and used some special chemicals to create a mask that he placed on his face and after a while, he removed it and placed on his own face, acquiring Tony's face.

The fake Tony is now in Penguin's safe room at the penthouse of the Iceberg Lounge and he tries to kill Penguin. Jessica reacts quickly and shoots the fake Tony in the head. However, from the head of the man, instead of blood, dirt comes out of it and a ticking sound starts to mark the seconds before a bomb destroys the entire penthouse of the Iceberg Lounge.

Appearing in "When You're Strange, Part 3 of 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Christopher Rowley


Synopsis for "When You're Strange, Part 3 of 4"

Kitt Calahan and the carnival crew are present at the debate between Christopher Rowley and his political opponent. After the debate, they abduct Rowley with them and put them in the carnival's truck.

They take him to the outskirts of Gotham to question him about TomJohn's death. Rowley confesses that he actually knew TomJohn and that he provided the fake paperwork to get him on the USA. TomJohn was an illegal immigrant from Croatia and he ran away before paying Rowley.

Calahan and the rest deduce that after seeing TomJohn at the carnival after years of disappearing, Rowley killed him. Rowley denied the accusation, but before being able to explain himself, someone shoots him and Calahan at the same time. Calahan's arm is hurt, but Rowley is dead a few seconds after. The crew get away from the place on the truck but a police helicopter has already found them.



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