"Batman: "City of Crime, Part 7: Crown Point"": Bruce Wayne has decided that in order to learn the truth behind The Body, he must start in the place where every clue points towards: Crown Point. A neighborhood located in the middle of The Bowery and near Raleigh P

Detective Comics #807 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2005. It was published on June 1, 2005.

Appearing in Batman: "City of Crime, Part 7: Crown Point"

Featured Characters:

  • Bruce Wayne (Disguised as homeless man and Donnie Maloy)

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Gotham City Police Department
    • Officer McSweeney
  • Ms. Dipsey
  • Ms. Macy
  • Anna
  • Artis
  • Aram
  • Crazy Jefferey
  • Mrs. Mayerling
  • Leo Mayerling
  • Mr. Landings
  • Paris Plotnik
  • Tony Marazan
  • Ralph Tweed



Synopsis for Batman: "City of Crime, Part 7: Crown Point"

Bruce Wayne has decided that in order to learn the truth behind The Body, he must start in the place where every clue points towards: Crown Point. A neighborhood located in the middle of The Bowery and near Raleigh Park, the same park which is the end of another infamous neighborhood, Park Row.

Crown Point is just as wicked, evil and corrupt as Park Row, a.k.a Crime Alley and Bruce knows that he won't find answers as Batman, so instead he is going to mix among the people that lives in Crown Point. In order to do so, first he has to learn how the place works and who are the citizens that dwell in that forgotten corner of the city.

Bruce spends a week, roaming the streets of Crown Point, disguised as a homeless man and learns all the information about the place. The most important things he learns are the presence of a man that the locals call "Crazy Jeffery", who used to be a successful lawyer, but after disappearing for a month, he reappeared in Crown Point, with no memory of his past and a bit crazy. As time went by, he became crazier and crazier until he was feared and hated in town. Crazy Jefferey usually roams the streets, drinking alcohol and then he goes into the park, where he supposedly talks to a tree friend of his.

The second important fact that Bruce learns is that Crown Point is under the control of one man named Raffi Moosakhanian. One day, the Gotham City Police Department was looking for a killer and Bruce learns that Raffi was hiding the killer on the local pub. That night, Bruce prevented several crimes from being committed and also delivered the killer to the police.

After the whole week, Bruce returns to Wayne Manor and researches information about Raffi. After learning that the man works at the Gotham Waterfront Reclamation Project, he creates a new identity and an opportunity to work as a crane operator at that place. Before leaving, Bruce tells Tim Drake that he will be in charge of holding the fort in his absence.

The next day, Bruce goes to Raffi's work and introduces himself as Donnie Maloy, they new crane operator.

Appearing in Alfred: "Regnum Defende, Part II"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Fawkes


  • Parsifal
    • Blitzkrieg
    • Gudra
    • Iron Curtain

Other Characters:


Synopsis for Alfred: "Regnum Defende, Part II"

Alfred has been captured by Parsifal's men after the assasination of Red Scare. They try to learn more about this English spy, but they are soon distracted by the escape attempt of the chef who prepared the poisoned food.

Meanwhile, the woman who was escorting Red Scare leaves the party when her chauffeur arrives to pick her up. The chauffeur is Fawkes, Alfred's contact with the Secret Service and when the woman tells him that Alfred has been captured, Fawkes drives the car into Parsifal's mansion, destroying the living room. The distraction was used by Alfred to open one of the cyanide pennies and free himself from the chair he was tied to. Parsifal and his men realize too late that it was all a distraction and Alfred is already on the run.

While escaping through the forests of Poland, Alfred finds a cabin in the middle of the woods, where Fawkes was waiting for him. They try to barricade the door, but Gudra, one of Parsifal's super-humans breaks inside and knocks down Fawkes. Alfred picks up a shotgun and threatens the woman to leave them. Gudra is confident on her invulnerability and Alfred expects so as well. When he shoots at her, the bullets were just made of rock salt, with the purpose of blinding Gudra and allowing them to escape to safety. They finally reach a car, where Fawkes' woman was expecting them.

Alfred returns to England and learns that the mission was a success as the target was always Red Scare. Fawkes was the man who killed the villain and by preventing Parsifal's assassination, Alfred prevented an international conflict while weakening the man's ranks. However, as his identity had been exposed, Parsifal was on the lookout for the English actor-spy by the name of Alfred Beagle. As a result Alfred had to retire from the Secret Service, adopt a new identity and move to the United States of America until Parsifal stopped looking for him.

Changing his name to Alfred Pennyworth, he arrived at the USA and sought job as a butler for Thomas and Martha Wayne.


  • This issue is reprinted on the Batman: City of Crime.
  • This issue features a note by president and publisher Paul Levitz, promoting the upcoming releases concerning the DC Universe.


  • The title of the second story is a reference to the history of the British Security Service publication The Defence of the Realm and it tells the origin of Alfred Pennyworth.

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