"Last Days of Gotham, Part 1 of 2": "Several Years Ago..."

Quote1.png It was as though all the souls that had ever inhabited the city, past and present, rose from the fissured ground and saturated my very being. Did I become the city itself? Sometimes, I think so. That all happened years ago, when I was younger and whole. Now, I hide behind veils. Quote2.png
The Face of Gotham

Detective Comics #851 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2009.

Synopsis for "Last Days of Gotham, Part 1 of 2"

"Several Years Ago..."

Inside a theater in Gotham City, a thief called Gracchus and his cronies were trying to convince actress and performer of the theater, Millicent Mayne of taking a bag of diamonds that they most likely stole. Mayne refused and Gracchus tried to force her to take them when suddenly the earth started trembling and the whole place collapsed on top of them. A piece of debris knocked Mayne unconscious while Gracchus, who started to heed the voice of Two-Face, managed to get out unharmed.

When Mayne recovered, she felt that somehow, she had been transformed and that now, she had become one with Gotham and the many lost souls of the city.

"The Present"

Mayne repressed the feeling and instead, she used her celebrity status to fund charity events and raise money to help those who were affected by the eartquake. Her actions cause her to be called "The Face of Gotham" due to her altruistic nature and her astonishing beauty. Elsewhere, Gracchus learns of Gotham's appreciation towards Mayne and he wants to get revenge or damage her in any way. Gracchus is now working for Two-Face and he asks the criminal to help him damage Mayne, but Two-Face refuses, telling him that he has no interest in harming the woman. Graccus insists and tells Two-Face that he wants his help just like during the earthquake when he rescued him from the falling theater, but Two-Face replies that he was never there and that he didn't help him all those years ago. Graccus understands, but he is still displeased with Mayne.

Some time later, Mayne is holding one of her charity ceremonies and almost every important citizen in Gotham is present. Mayne appears and starts talking to the many guests when suddenly, three armed men appear and crash the party. The leader, who is obviously Gracchus, is wearing a mask that covers just half of his face with a disfigured version of a face, resembling that of Two-Face. While the thugs start collecting money and jewels from the guests, Gracchus approaches Mayne and mocks her for being called The Face of Gotham and taking a bottle from his pocket, he tosses acid on her face, scarring Mayne's left side of her face. The thugs make their way out of the place and the guests hurry to call an ambulance to help Mayne.

While on her hospital room, Mayne finally embraces her destiny and allows herself to merge with Gotham's lost souls. Takin on her new identity, she covers her entire face and body with a silken robe and she wanders the streets of Gotham.

Later at the GCPD Headquarters, Commissioner Gordon turns on the Bat-Signal, expecting that Batman finally shows up, but after four hours of waiting, Harvey Bullock tells Gordon to turn off the light and Gordon agrees, telling Bullock that they have a maniac to catch.

Meanwhile at Wayne Manor, Alfred Pennyworth calls Dick Grayson and informs him about the latest news concerning "Two-Face". Dick realizes that Two-Face actually escaped from prison and he decides that he must go to Gotham and stop the madman. Nightwing starts traveling towards Gotham and he contacts Oracle to ask her about Two-Face and the last information Batman had asked her about him. She informs Nightwing about a possible hideout where Two-Face might be at the moment.

Two-Face is actually on the place, but when he learns that someone had impersonated him and damaged a person that he admires, he decides that it's time to leave. However, before leaving, he must decide whether to punish or spare the person who impersonated him. In order to decide, Two-Face uses his coin and when it lands on the clean side, he tells his thugs to inform Gracchus that he owes his life to the coin.

Hours later, Nightwing arrives to the Batcave and with Alfred's help, he prepares for a long night searching for Two-Face. Nightwing refuses to use any of Bruce's equipment and he admits that it feels strange going out to the city without Batman. Nightwing rides across Gotham and finds the location of Two-Face's hideout, not knowing that the villain is already gone. Nightwing crashes the place and learns that the place is an automotive chop shop, where stolen cars are stripped for parts. Nightwing takes down two thugs and the front door opens. A pizza delivery guy is looking for the people that called for pizza but instead he finds Nightwing fightwing some thugs. Nightwing tells him to get out, but this distraction allows Gracchus to sneak behind Nightwing and deliver a knockout blow on the top of his head. Nightwing's fall knocks a couple of oil barrels and the oil starts to spill across the floor. Gracchus knocks the pizza delivery guy and suddenly, the place starts burning when a fire starts as a result of the spilled oil in contact with a torch. Gracchus and his thugs get out of the place and they leave Nightwing and the pizza guy to burn inside.

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