"Elegy, Part Three: Affettuoso": In a bizarre twist of fate, the creatures creeping out of the darkness are not affiliated with the Religion of Crime. At least, not anymore. The leader of the pack, a Wolf-man named Abbot used to be the body guard for the Religion's former hea

Quote1.png I believe in the dark faith, Miss Kane. Just not their interpretation of it. Quote2.png
Kyle Abbott

Detective Comics #856 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2009.

Appearing in "Elegy, Part Three: Affettuoso"

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Synopsis for "Elegy, Part Three: Affettuoso"

In a bizarre twist of fate, the creatures creeping out of the darkness are not affiliated with the Religion of Crime. At least, not anymore. The leader of the pack, a Wolf-man named Abbot used to be the body guard for the Religion's former head Whisper A'Daire. But when Kate Kane's prophesized death failed to materialize, Abbot had a falling out with the Order. Needless to say, the Religion continued without him, but now he and his fellow "true believer" hybrid people have arrived on the scene to rescue Kate from Alice and her cohorts, delivering Kate and her father from danger and ensuring their safety.

The next morning, Kate is back up and ready to go. Her body armor absorbed the gunshots and the opioid poisoning from Alice has cleared out of her system. Though a fever burns through her body, Kate is looking for a little payback. But there are other things in life besides payback. And in a surprising move, Kate decides to comply with her father's wishes and attend the GCPD Charity Ball. Making her way into the hotel ball room, Kate has every eye on her in her stylish black tie tuxedo. As she later explains, she isn't trying to draw attention to herself nor her sexuality, she just is making sure that it doesn't get hidden.

Just as soon as Kate had said hello, it was time for her father to say goodbye. A last minute urgent phone call has him reporting to duty on the base for some kind of emergency.

And in no time at all, Kate is alone. Not literally of course, it's a crowd of people. Well to-do people. But figuratively, she is alone. Her step-mother is obviously made uncomfortable when confronted with Kate's lifestyle choice. And Bette, young Bette, has just enrolled in Gotham University. She's a world away from where Kate is. But that's when Kate sees her.

No, not Renée - someone else. Another woman dressed in an eye-grabbing formal tuxedo. And it just so happens to be Captain Maggie Sawyer of GCPD Major Crimes. The newly single Sawyer asks Kate for a dance and Kate accepts. Naturally, the two women hit it off wonderfully but the dance is sadly short-lived as soon Kate's other-life comes calling. It's Abbot (accompanied by his two companions). There in person (and in human form of course). And he has some startling news.

Alice isn't out to simply murder Kate Kane. She's out to accomplish what no one before her ever could. She wants to wipe Gotham City off the map! Of course to do that she and her followers would need some pretty major firepower. The best place to secure something like that being a military institution. Like lightning, horrifying possibilities seem to click into place in Kate's mind. Reaching for a cellphone, she dials her father's number. Waiting with baited breath for him to pick up.

But when the ringing stops, it's not the familiar voice of her father Kate hears. Instead it's Alice, who sounds confident she has the upper hand now that the Colonel has become her hostage.

Appearing in "Pipeline: Chapter One: Part Three"

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  • Chandless
    • Bolt (Dies)

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Synopsis for "Pipeline: Chapter One: Part Three"

Renée's search for Louisa Soliz has taken her to new depths. Chandless has his goon dump Renée in the trunk of a car and push it off into the ocean. She wakes up to find herself trapped with her arms tied behind her and water seeping in at an alarming rate.

She's able to free herself and reach the surface in time to catch the broad shouldered goon before he can leave. Pressed for information, he reveals that Louisa Soliz is far from the only girl involved in this human trafficking ring. As many as forty other girls, mostly South American immigrants have been taken to a buyer down in Long Beach. But before he can spill any more a gunman opens up fire. A bullet wings Renée and as she dives to take cover another bullet goes straight into the skull of the broad shouldered man.

The gunman takes off but Renée doesn't give chase. She knows exactly where she's headed next.


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