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"Icarus: Conclusion": At her hotel room, Annie Aguila has been given the opportunity to take revenge against Jonny Loman for the murder of her mother. Overcome by emotion, she pulls the trigger.

Quote1 You're a victim of the "detective's curse." The answer was right under your nose and you didn't see it. You are human after all. Quote2
Harvey Bullock

Detective Comics (Volume 2) #34 is an issue of the series Detective Comics (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 6, 2014.

Synopsis for "Icarus: Conclusion"

At her hotel room, Annie Aguila has been given the opportunity to take revenge against Jonny Loman for the murder of her mother. Overcome by emotion, she pulls the trigger.

At the abandoned Kane Laboratories plant, Batman and Harvey Bullock are distracted from their fist fight by the sound of an explosion from the East End Waterfront. Both men are upset with themselves for falling victim to the detective's curse of missing the answer right under their noses. They had got so caught up in the how rather than the why, following the evidence. Batman admits that they will both have to deal with the consequences of their mistakes and has Harvey mobilize the GCPD while he heads to the explosion site.

On the scene, Harvey learns from Detective Yip that a body count may be hard to come up with, given how many displaced people have been living in the nearby tenements. She warns that the radiation levels are too dangerous to investigate further without a hazmat suit. He insists that he has to do something. Even if he has nothing to prove, he still needs to know that the police can do better than the Batman.

As Batman prepares to go out in his own special hazmat Batsuit, the Kings of the Sun abandon Annette Aguila to seek out their merchandise in the blast zone. Holter catches up first, locating the man who caused the explosion, and explaining that everything the biker gang has done was for this man's benefit - the fact that Icarus is derived from the toxic waste his body produced is circumstantial. Batman arrives, attacking Holter and his goons. He condemns them for killing hundreds of people with their drugs and the explosion. He explains that he knows Holter put Jonny Loman up to killing Elena Aguila - the mother of his child. Angrily, Holter responds that Elena took his own daughter away from him. Batman reminds that a real father puts his child's needs over his own. All Holter did was destroy Annette's life. Suddenly, Gertrude the Squid grabs Holter up from the sunken section of the city, and drags him under water.

Batman dives in after her, but one of its massive tentacles knocks him unconscious. Soon, a hand grabs Batman's cape and drags him back to the surface. Splutting and coughing, Batman regains consciousness, only to be locked into a pair of handcuffs by his saviour - Harvey Bullock. As he gloats, Harvey is soon enraged to discover that Batman has escaped the cuffs, and disappeared while his back was turned.

Afterwards, Bruce meets with Annette at a bar outside the city, where she admits that he's been cleared of all suspicion in the murder of her mother. He offers his sympathies for what happened, admitting that he knows what she's going to. He offers his help, but she rejects it, claiming that everyone around him ends up dead. Bruce Wayne is toxic. He had the money to save the waterfront alone before her mother pushed him to it. Believing in him cost Elena Aguila her life. As far as she is concerned, her mother was right that Gotham shows people what they're capable of - and that scares her. Bruce notes that the sky is clearing, and Annie scoffs that it is only because they're outside Gotham. Knowing Bruce will be hurt by some of Annie's words, Alfred steps out of the car and places a comforting hand on Bruce's shoulder.

Harvey Bullock, meanwhile, continues his search for the missing crate of Icarus with Maggie Yip's help, though his negative attitude is grating on her, when she had volunteered to help him. He realizes, perhaps too late, that he's alienating someone he cares about, as he opens the shipping container her hopes will contain the missing crate.

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  • Jonny Loman (Dies)
  • Kings of the Sun
    • Holter (Dies)

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