Devin was raised as a warrior of the Coda Sisterhood and became one of their most dangerous assassins. Some time prior to 1992, she solicited her services to a team of Daemonite agents known as the Cabal. As a member of the Cabal, Devin worked alongside Helspont and his plans for a Daemonite reunification - a reunification which would result in the complete subjugation of everyone on the planet Earth. Devin and a team of Daemonite agents were charged with finding a group of "gifted ones" - Kherubim/Human hybrids who had been living amongst humanity unaware of their alien heritage. Devin tracked the last of these so-called "gifted ones", Priscilla Kitaen, to an exotic dance club in Georgetown called the Hot Spot. There, she came into conflict with her former Coda sister Zealot, and Zealot's ally the Grifter. Zealot and Grifter were working on behalf of a covert action team called the WildC.A.T.s and sought to save Kitaen from the Cabal. During the fight, Devin detonated a bomb that destroyed an entire Georgetown city block. The WildC.A.T.s managed to escape, along with Kitaen, but Devin was badly burned in the blast.


  • Decelerated Aging: Devin participated in a Coda blood-tying ceremony whereupon she was infused with a quantity of Kherubim blood. The blood of these immortal beings ensured that members of the Coda Sisterhood would cease to physically age, and live well beyond the average lifespan of a normal human being.


  • Martial Arts: Devin is expertly trained by the Coda sisterhood in exotic fighting techniques and killing arts. She is also proficient with the traditional Coda Clef Blade.


Coda Clef Blade



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