Over two hundred years ago on his homeworld of Tartarath, Devlos Ungol was a great conqueror. The Technons, or scientists, wished to add to his might by transforming him, fusing him with a stellar-powered armor. They believed he would be their perfect soldier and he would serve Tartarath. Devlos Ungol then turned that power on his own people, crushing them without mercy. They died calling him a "Traitor".

Devlos traveled from world to world, powered by the energy of dying stars. With each world he conquered survivors joined him, foolishly believing as those on Tartarath had that Traitor would some day destroy them too. Forging a vast armada with pirates and criminals from many worlds, Devlos appeared unstoppable until the day the armada came to Ungara in Space Sector 2814. The Green Lantern Starkaðr arrived to defend the helpless world from the armada's advance. This was the first time Devlos fought someone his equal and the battle was so fierce, Devlos' armada broke up, fleeing in fear. Devlos was too badly wounded to continue the fight and he escaped as well. Starkaðr was also mortally wounded and fulfilled his final duty, conferring his power ring to Abin Sur of Ungara.

Devlos drifted through space, comatose as his systems self-repaired, becoming better and stronger. Decades later, he awoke to see the planet Earth. His systems were repaired but he was still lacking power. Earth was far enough from the paths of other space travelers that Devlos would have the time he needed. He arrived in the town of Coffin Springs in the Arizona territories in the late 1800s. The local law, Sheriff Duncan, was corrupt and had no objections when Devlos, now using the name "Mr. Tor," formed a gang of murderous criminals including the notorious "Bloody Joe" Tuscano.

Devlos knew he would eventually be tracked down by a member of the Green Lantern Corps and had plans for the day that to happen. He had set a trap in the Earth's atmosphere that is keyed to the energy of a Green Lantern's power ring, and as well tipping bullets with gold that would penetrate a Green Lantern's energy shields for him and his men to use. In 1882, when Abin Sur finally caught up with Devlos, an explosion disabled the ring wielder, sending him plummeting to Earth. Devlos dispatched three of his men to kill whatever fell from the sky. However, Abin Sur was saved by U.S. Marshall Henry Lee Jordan and taken to Coffin Springs. Eventually, Devlos, Tuscano and their gang, who are armed with a Gatling gun, stormed to Coffin Springs and engaging Abin Sur and Jordan. Although Tuscano and his gang were subdued, Devlos proved himself to be too powerful and almost destroyed Coffin Springs until his armor was damaged by Jordan and Sur encased Devlos in a sphere of emerald energy, causing Devlos' power to turn upon himself. Trapping him in a subatomic world inside Abin Sur's power ring.[1]

Over time, however, Devlos would try to find a way to escape his imprisonment. He came upon this world's remnants of an advanced civilization and forced these people, whom he derogatorily called them "Dogs", to be their leader. Devlos was able to piece together their advanced technology to use in his plans to escape. In the hundred years that had passed he learned that Abin Sur had died, in which Devlos found the restrictions placed upon him loosened after Abin Sur's death. Using the Dogs' technology, he was able to peer outside the world of the power ring, which he learned about Abin Sur's successor Hal Jordan, a descendant of Henry Lee Jordan.

Devlos would monitored Hal Jordan and learned about Jordan's friend, the Atom, whom Devlos saw him as his only mean for his escape. He sent out a distress signal through a piece of his bio-armor that had been placed in an Old West exhibit. Though the signal purported to be for Green Lantern, it was only a ruse to draw the Atom in close. Devlos was able to draw a slight amount of white dwarf star power from the Atom's costume. Once Hal Jordan and the Atom were close in proximity, Devlos temporary took control of Jordan's ring and exchanged his subatomic world for Earth.[2] As the Earth shrank, the subatomic world grew. With his freedom, Devlos intended to destroy the power ring that would destroy Earth, resulting an explosion that destroy the power ring and the formerly subatomic world. As the energy wave from the explosion would expand outward until it destroyed the sun and cause a chain reaction across space, creating more dead stars and allowing Devlos to grow stronger. But Devlos' plan did not came to fruition due to one of the Dogs that deliberately destroy the subatomic world, causing an explosion that sent Devlos straight into Earth's sun, where he is imprisoned once again.[3]

Years later, Hal Jordan was corrupted by Parallax, destroying the Green Lantern Corps, and later sacrificed his life and power to reignite the sun which had been extinguished by the Sun-Eater. In the time the sun was out, Devlos was able to absorb dead star radiation and escape before the sun was restored. After freeing himself from his latest imprisonment, Devlos had waited until he had absorbed enough dead star power to emerge from hiding. His first target on his path to universal destruction was the planet Ramnos. Devlos battled Stellara, the last in a long line of Stellaran warriors that had protected Ramnos for forty-thousand generations, and defeated her, and following her DNA encoding, became his slave.[4]

Devlos sent Stellara to Earth to seek out the last Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. Though Stellara asked Green Lantern for his assistance, she could not take the chance he might refuse. To this end, she tampered with Rayner's power battery. When Rayner charged his power ring he was instantaneously transported to the debris field that was Ramnos. Devlos had planned well, having Stellara betray the Green Lantern, destroying his power ring, and left him stranded in space. He and Stellara then traveled to Ungara to avenge Devlos' first defeat before going on to Earth. Devlos, however, underestimated Rayner, as the Green Lantern was able to reform the ring by sheer force of will. Despite this success, Devlos was still stronger. Surprisingly, Stellara was able to overcome her DNA encoding and strike out at Devlos. Though her attack did not seriously harm Traitor, it did distract him long enough for an electromagnetic pulse generated by Rayner to enter Traitor's body and shut him down from the inside. Stellara gave her life-force to restore the Green Lnatern to health, but she would not survive as her body had begun destroying itself once she had risen against Traitor.

To prevent Devlos from absorbing more dead star radiation and becoming a threat once again, Rayner gathered the debris field of Ramnos and compressed it around the tyrant. Entombed at the planet's core, the dead star radiation would not reach him.[5]



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