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Quote1 Sadists. I hear the screams of your victims. Quote2
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Dex-Starr is a member of the Red Lantern Corps.

Dex-Starr was originally a single woman's cat named Dexter, whom he loved as much as she loved him. One day someone broke into her home, and although Dexter attacked the intruder with his claws but he couldn't stop him. Dexter's owner was brutally murdered. When the police eventually arrived and saw Dexter they kicked him out of the house, yelling, "Scram!" as they said they didn't want him to ruin the crime scene. As he found a place to sleep, sad and alone, two hoodlums found him and shoved him into a sack, and he was thrown into the river.[1] Feeling the rage and sorrow in his heart, Atrocitus called out to him making him the Red Lantern "Dex-Starr" with Dexter soon using the ring to exact revenge against the two men who had placed him into a sack before attempting to throw it into a river. Afterwards, Dex-Starr flies back to his late owner's apartment and cuddles by her lifeless body crying and says, "I find who hurt you. I kill. I good kitty."


  • Cat Physiology: Dexter is a housecat, this means he possesses several attributes unique to his species.
    • Cat Senses: Cats like Dexter have to rely on their senses a lot to find and catch prey, and as such their senses are far greater then humans.[2]
      • Cat Ears: Cats like Dexter can hear 1.6 octaves higher-pitched sounds then humans.[2]
      • Cat Eyesight: Cats like Dexter have eyesight which is far more effective in the dark then human eyesight.[2]
      • Cat Nose: Cats like Dexter have a sense of smell fourteen times greater then a humans.[2]
    • Claws: Cats like Dexter have claws to cut into the flesh of prey or as a defense against bigger animals.
    • Fangs: Cats like Dexter have fangs to cut into the flesh of prey or as a defense against larger animals.


  • Hunting: As a housecat Dexter is an accomplished predator, he is able to catch small mice and birds.

Other Characteristics


  • Red Lantern Power Battery: Like all Red Lanterns Dex-Starr possesses a power battery, this battery allows Dex-Starr to refuel his ring when it is low on charge by uttering the Red Lantern Oath.


  • Red Lantern Ring: Dex-Starr possesses a Red Lantern Ring, a weapon of vast power which is fueled by his rage. The ring gives him a vast amount of abilities in order to perform his role as a galactic avenger.
    • Energy Construct Creation: When Dex-Starr ingested the blood of fellow Red Lantern Rankorr he gained the knowledge of how to use his ring to fabricate his thoughts into physical constructs of hard light. The strength of such constructs is dependent on the amount of rage Dex-Starr possesses.
      • Force Field: Dex-Starr is capable of forging incredibly strong force fields out of hard light. These force bubbles vary in strength and size depending on how Dex-Starr wants them.
    • Energy Projection: With the power of his ring Dex-Starr is able to fire concentrated blasts of hard light out of his ring, he is also able to create constructs that are able to fire these concentrated blasts.
    • Flight: Dex-Starr is able to resist the pull of a planet's gravity and navigate through the sky unaided by technology.
    • Universal Translator: Dex-Starr's ring can translate every known language in the universe, this allows Dex-Starr to understand everybody he comes across. However he only talks to people in a very primitive manor as his brain doesn't contain the necessary thought processes to make conversation.



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