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Dez Trevius is a member of the Sinestro Corps.

Dez is described by Sinestro as "a cunning and deadly warrior from a faction of Assassin Templars".[1]

He is commonly seen with fellow member Rigen Kale, and, together with him, they were the first to show their loyalty to Sinestro when he took over the leadership of the Sinestro Corps, acting as his right arms.[2]

Dez Trevius was born into a noble culture, one of rich tradition and ritual very similar to feudal Japan, ruled by an order of holy mercenary warriors, Assassin Templars who valued power and honor over all else. But Dez was not one of their number; rather, his bloodline was that of a serf. Because of his lot in life, he was forbidden to take up a weapon, forbidden to participate in pilgrimages of holy assassination. And while he had been taught from an early age not to covet this unattainable power, he still knew a longing for that which was meant to be outside of his grasp--and Brae Wrell, the greatest of the Assassin Templars, felt that desire in kind.[3]

Away from the etiquette and codes of court, far from the fields of sacred ritual murder, Brae and Dez were inseparable. Brae tought his lover the art of the blade, and he educated him in the intrigues of court. But the love they shared could not shield them from prying eyes, nor from whispers as sharp as a knife. The Daimyo, hearing of Brae's dalliances with a lowly serf, arranged a punishiment as cruel as it was inescapable: he married Brae to Caru Aris, a noble woman from another clan.[3]

Despite his love for Dez Trevius, Brae Wrell was bound by honor. Though the teachings of a serf prescribe the abandonment of power, the lessons of an Assassin Templar hold quite the opposite to be true. Dez asked Brae to leave his wife and flee with him from the city to live in exile as peasants, but Brae refused to give up all his titles to live in a state of squalor and isolation for something so fleeting as love. And so Dez Trevius learned the value and lure of power, and he pledged to teach his people just how tenuous such power could be, and how quicly it might be stripped away. Murdering Brae and Caru with a sword, he became a killer, a phantasm or bugbear, a creature stalking the realms of lords as vicious, as inescapable, as any pedigreed station in life.[3]


  • Swordsmanship: Dez learned the art of the blade from his lover Brae, and he uses his power ring to construct and wield a sword.
  • Tactical Analysis: Dez has demonstrated a keen mind and strategic and analytical thinking.[2][4]






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