Dheronians are the natives of the harsh planet Dheron.


Their planet on an even war against their neighbor Krypton, they were visited by their enemies' defector Zod-El[1] who gave them the means of finally destroy Krypton. Under his instructions, the Dheronians planted a series of probes under Krypton's core in order to prevent the planet's heat from fluctuating to the surface, initiating a chain reaction that lead to it's doom.

In exchange they gained interstellar travel technology for expanding themselves across the stars.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Due to evolving under a red sun, Dheronians gain great power from the radiation of younger stars. Powers shown so far include:


  • Alternate Solar Radiation: Like Kryptonians, their powers are dependent upon radiation from a Yellow Sun. The energies emitted by other stars can have adverse affects on a Dheronian or their abilities.
    • Red Sun Radiation: If exposed to the radiation of a star similar to their native one, Dheronians lose their superhuman abilities.
    • Black Holes: Exposure to the conditions of a Black Hole would be fatal to a Dheronian.


Habitat: Dheron has been depicted as deserted and harsh.
Gravity: Presumably much stronger than on Earth.


Level of Technology:

High (Comparable to Krypton's).


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