"Conference Call": The Centipede and the Fixer confront Nelson Jent and Roxie Hodder in Australia. While the Centipede wants to see Nelson and Roxie killed for their involvement with the [[H-Dial

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Nelson Jent

Dial H #12 is an issue of the series Dial H (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2013. It was published on May 1, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Conference Call"

The Centipede and the Fixer confront Nelson Jent and Roxie Hodder in Australia. While the Centipede wants to see Nelson and Roxie killed for their involvement with the H-Dial, the fixer is most concerned with getting its hands on the dials. Though the Fixer manages to grab the H-Dial from Nelson's hands, Roxie still has the S-Dial in her possession, and despite Nelson's protests, she dials it in the hopes that her powers as a side-kick will aid them.

While normally the S-Dial would make her beholden to the wielder of the H-Dial (in this case, the Fixer), Nelson tosses her the Manteau mask, which gives Roxie just enough sense of self to act on her own accord. While attempting to drown out the Fixer's commands, she kicks the H-Dial from his hands, and Nelson gets his hands back on it. Quickly, Manteau grabs him up and they run for their lives.

When they finally get some peace, Roxie reverse-dials and returns to her former self, and immediately suggests that they take the opportunity to talk about the fact that they had sex. Nelson, somewhat put out by the fact that he slept with a much older lady, not to mention his best and only friend, deflects the question, admitting only that it was a humiliating experience for him. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by the Fixer and the Centipede before Roxie can tease any more out of him.

With nowhere to go, Nelson opens the window in hopes that they can get out that way. Suddenly, Open-Window-Man bursts through the open window, and rescues Nelson and Roxie with his defenestration punch. The Fixer transforms into a bunch of helium balloons in order to save himself, but Centipede takes the full fall. Meanwhile, Open-Window-Man, whom Nelson recognizes as a member of Team House, asks them to grab his hands as he leaps out one window, and in through another. On the other side of the jump, they find themselves meeting with a team of other heroes, who call themselves the Dial Bunch, as they face off - not for the first time - against the Fixer.

In order to ease the battle, Open-Window Man knocks the Centipede back through an open window into Maple Labs in Toronto, and Nelson follows, to make sure he stays down. Meanwhile, one of the Dial Bunch takes on the Fixer's current form, and knocks him through the window as well, while Nelson begs his companions to close the portal behind them. With the Centipede and Fixer trapped in a doorless room, Nelson and Roxie reunite and the Dial Bunch introduce themselves. This is a difficult process, because they are all changing constantly. Their leader, Bansa, promises to give them answers, but he is interrupted by Mason Jones, who warns that they sent the Centipede back to where the Fixer came from - which was exactly what he had wanted. They played into his hand.


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