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Wonder-Woman was the genetically created perfect Amazon.

After Paula von Gunther left Metropolis and established a flying city known as "Heaven", she used her knowledge of genetics and the genes of the Earth animals she saved to create her own race of beast-like Amazons. Although the Amazons were largely imperfect, Paula created the perfect Amazon out of her own flesh and blood: Diana.

When Heaven's Amazons were suffering from genetic fragmentation, causing them to become erratic and violent, Paula needed new gene stock to replenish the genetic pool. She reopened communication between Heaven and Metropolis, and had Diana sent to the city below to meet her colleague, Lutor. However, Lutor had gone mad, and captured Diana and had her memories erased. Diana was then given to Dr. Psykho, who had her work as an exotic dancer known as the "Blue Amazon" at his Palace of Sin.

The rogue Amazon, Cheetah, led a rebellion in Heaven and killed Paula. Meanwhile, Dr. Psykho had been trying to divine her origins through hypnotism after Lutor's death at the hands of the Super-Man. Diana continually resisted, and was aided by architect Steve Trevor-son, who had taken to her performances. Out of the recently-developed attraction to Diana, Trevor-son attempted to saved her, but was taken prisoner by Psykho.

In heaven, Cheetah had failed to replicate Paula's work in creating new Amazons through her Purple Ray, and discovered that it was keyed to Paula's genetic code; without Paula, Cheetah needed Diana, the only one who could save the Amazons, forcing her to descend to Metropolis and locate Diana. Psykho captured Cheetah and used his hypnotism to finally learn the truth of Metropolis and humanity's origins. After Psykho made a deal with Cheetah to kill Super-Man in exchange for Diana, he saw no use for Trevor-son, and prepared to have him killed. But Diana's love for Trevor-son caused her memories to be restored, and transformed her into Wonder Woman.

After saving Trevor-son and dealing with Psykho, Wonder Woman arrived at the battle royale between Cheetah, her Amazons, Super-Man, and the Nosferatu, and challenged Cheetah to a duel and won. Cheetah then committed suicide by impaling herself on several broken re-bars. Peace is restored in Metropolis, and the Amazons recognized Diana as their rightful queen. Diana and Trevor-son departed back to Heaven to repair the damage done by Cheetah, and provided the new gene stock needed to restore the Amazons' gene pool.