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Quote1.png Perhaps this man can help me. Perhaps not. But he can't stop me. No one in this world can. Quote2.png
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Diana Prince was a young Greek girl, born into wealth from her father's powerful business Hephaistos Industries.

Secretly, he used this corporation to gather wealth and resources in a crazed attempt to summon the mythological Greek Gods. After he died, he left both his company and his goals to his young daughter, who spent her entire life gathering even more wealth and influence to further her goals. This quest required her to manipulate and abuse countless people, including businessman Alexander Luthor (with whom she also started a purely sexual relationship), and mythologist Dr. Kent Nelson. Eventually, she tracked down an insane but genius scientist and occultist named Dr. John Constantine, who believed (or claimed to believe) he could aid Diana's cause.[1]

Allying herself with Constantine soon turned into a potentially bad move, because Constantine's violent, murderous tendencies drew the ire of "Independent Operations", an off-the-books mercenary operation. An assassin named Michael Cray was sent to track down Constantine in London, but was defeated by Diana.[2] While the pair were initially able to blackmail the would-be assassin into working for them, after Diana killed several of Cray's allies he betrayed them.[3]

With their plan ready, Diana and Constantine set up a project that would supposedly open a portal to whatever dimension Diana believed the gods were trapped inside. When all that resulted was an explosion, Diana went insane, screaming at Constantine and brutally attacking Cray. With her crazed attack pattern, Cray managed to grab Diana's chain lasso, and use his disintegration powers to kill her.[4]


Other Characteristics

  • Obsession: Diana is obsessed with bringing back forgotten mythological gods.


  • Despite this incarnation of Diana Prince never becoming Wonder Woman, the cover of Jennifer Mei Sparks's bed is decorated with the Wonder Woman logo.