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Diana Rockwell Trevor was the mother of Steve Trevor, venerated as a hero by the Amazons.

Diana Rockwell was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and started flying at an early age. Eager for pilots and training planes, the United States Air Force sent an officer to the farm to purchase her PT-19. She fell in love with this Lt. U.S. Trevor, and married November 8, 1940. Their son Steve was born the week after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Though Diana was asked to help the war effort by training pilots, she chose to join the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron. With both his parents on missions, young Steve was raised by his aunt Edna. When the war ended, both Diana and Ulysses returned home to the States.

But Diana wasn't done flying. She became a test pilot, and in 1948 volunteered to fly the new Sabre jet. She had never flown a jet before, and the excitement was bigger than the desire to be at Steve's 7th birthday. She promised she'd be home by Christmas. But she never returned.

While flying over the Mediterranean Sea, her wing was clipped by lightning and she crashed into the water. She bailed, but nearly drowned in the water. The Nereids brought her to Themyscira, where she regained consciousness. Hearing a commotion and the sound of battle, she headed for Doom's Doorway, where she stumbled upon the Amazons fighting against Cottus. With her sidearm, she saved Philippus from being torn to shreds by the many-armed demon, and together, they saved Menalippe. Cottus was beaten back and the doorway was sealed, but Diana fell in battle.

Despite knowing nothing about this madwoman, the Amazons chose to honor her nonetheless. They crafted an armor based on the few things they found stitched to her flight jacket: an American flag and a WAFS logo. A second armor was also made, but it was locked away, as was the mysterious weapon the Amazons found with her. She was given a full Amazonian warrior's funeral, and they erected a statue in her honor. Hades placed her on a pedestal in the Elysian Fields, a shining example of courage and dedication.

When years later Hippolyta was given a child by the gods, she was named after Diana. This child Diana would eventually go on to wear the second suit when Steve Trevor, Diana's son, crashed on the island (a twisted irony brought about by Ares). When she debuted in Boston not long after, media picked up on the stylized WAFS symbol on her chest, likened it to two W's, and named her "Wonder Woman".


  • In her early appearances, Diana Trevor's death is in 1948. In Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War #1, her involvement in the war is left out and no mention is made of any years, as it would mean Steve Trevor would have to be in his sixties.