Diana Themyscira is the CEO of Themyscira Industries and a superhero under the name Wonder Woman. She also maintains a third identity in order to escape public life, Diana Prince.

Becoming Wonder Woman

Diana broke off with her boyfriend Steve Trevor and moved her operations to Los Angeles in order to reach her full potential as a hero, and set up the costumed identity and company to fund her activities. She specifically designed the costume so an action figure could be made, and later redesigned it as she was not comfortable with it. Her company also gives out scholarships to the less fortunate.

Those scholarships brought her in contact with Veronica Cale, after one prospect suffered side effects from performance enhancing drugs Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals made. She made a very public campaign against her, operating where the Los Angeles Police Department couldn't. Nonetheless, Detective Indelicato had to constantly remind her he couldn't help her, because any criminals would walk if he was fraternizing with a vigilante.

Wonder Woman's take down of Cale earned her respect from the press and public, though it did put the Justice Department on her back. To that end, they sent a lawyer to act as a liaison—Steve Trevor.






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