Diana Trevor was the Princess of Amazonia, the only child born among the Amazons. When she was about three, she was snatched away from Amazonia by a Royal Air Marines squadron captained by wicked Captain Stephen Trevor.

A few years later, after she grew up in the streets of London, Diana was forcibly married to Trevor and has become the star of the theatre show in Stephen Trevor's Museum of Oddities which acted out Bible stories. Without her husband knowing, she eventually adopted the heroic persona of Wonder Woman, organizing resistance against Jack the Ripper and his men, in fact the cruel King Jack of England, a misogynistic man who suspended all women's rights and established a harsh patriarchy.

Along the way, Wonder Woman learns that the King's son, Prince Charles, was as kindhearted and just as his father was murderous and tyrannical. Charles became Diana's partner in both war and love, leading to the story ending in the wedding of Charles and Diana.[1]





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