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Diana Trevor was the Princess of Amazonia, the only child born among the Amazons.

When she was about three, a Royal Air Marines squadron captained by wicked Captain Stephen Trevor found her island after crash-landing into the ocean. After informed the British government of his discovery, the military attacked the island and slaughtered the Amazonians. A British soldier took the infant Diana from his dead mother and sold her to a workhouse. She grew up on the streets of London, in the poor district of Whitechapel, and made good friends with Etta Candy who worked together with her in assembling books.

Some years later, Stephen Trevor took her off the streets and into his Museum of Oddities which acted out Bible stories, while also marrying her. He was often unkind to her, using force to make her walk behind him and having sex with her without ever asking her consent. During one performance, she saved the life of the King Jack Planters and his son Prince John Charles from an assassin and was invited to dine with him.

Without her husband knowing, she eventually adopted the heroic persona of Wonder Woman, organizing resistance against "Jack the Ripper" and his men, in fact the cruel King Jack of England, a misogynistic man who suspended all women's rights and established a harsh patriarchy. She also re-united with Etta and saved her from the men hunting her. Diana convincing Steve to make her a nanny by stating they could have more time together, in order for her to leave her life as a prostitute behind. Diana later attended the dinner with the King alongside Steve, ignorant of his plans. She showed a caring attitude towards Edward, the Duke of Clarence who was completely paralyzed and unable to speak, while also being able to have him squeeze her hand.

She was however drugged, with the King informing her that he had learnt she was Wonder Woman. Steve, who had been appointed as a major, took a potion which the King had prepeared, depriving men of everything feminine, making him filled with blood-lust. He led a band of men, who had drunk the same potion, into killing the Amazonian slaves. Diana resisted those the other Amazons recognized that she was their princess. They organized a revolt and fought their captors.

Diana tried to make Steve see reason and told that she did love him, but he had gone insane due to the potion, forcing her to fight and resulting in his death. Jack decided to kill her himself, but was prevented in doing so by Edward, who was able to move his chair out of his love for Diana, and both fell towards the spikes in the arena. While Jack was impaled, Edward was rescued by her. Charles later became Diana's love interest, leading to the story ending in their wedding.[1]