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Quote1.png I am Diana, and as princess royal, I shall pardon your intrusion and grant your life. Quote2.png
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Wonder Woman (real name Diana) was the queen of the Amazons and the first superhero on Earth 2.

The daughter of Hippolyta, she had taken over command of the Amazons after her mother's death. Like her mother, she had an affair with a man, though she was unaware of his true intentions.[2] The result of that affair was Fury.[3]

Diana came to Man's World to stop Apokoliptian invaders from abducting young Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. With Mercury's help, she succeeded.[2]

The Amazons suffered heavily during Darkseid's invasion. The Amazon Island was destroyed and all Amazons killed. The Gods joined the war effort, but were decimated. Wonder Woman was in Metropolis, fighting off Steppenwolf's forces. In her final moments she provided a distraction for Batman so that he could end the Apokoliptian's reign of terror. She was stabbed in the back by Steppenwolf himself.[4]






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