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Princess Diana of Paradise Island was the Wonder Woman, a member of the League of Science.

Batman and Lex Luthor revolutionized science after the 1876 World Fair, dramatically influencing the lives of the Amazons. With superweapons now in the arms of the world's mightiest empires, the Germans invaded Paradise Island and enslaved its population in 1911. Diana escaped, and worked with Luthor, using her own knowledge of Amazonian science to build weapons to prevent Germany from taking over Europe and win World War I.

However, she soon discovered that Luthor had played all sides, dealing weapons to the Americans and Germans, hoping to make the US the supreme world power with him in charge. She worked with Batman, Super Man and the League of Science to stop him. Luthor tried to kill the Superman with one of Diana's weapons, but the death ray required so much energy that the building around it collapsed. As the other heroes evacuated the building, Diana destroyed the ray but died in the process.


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