Wonder Woman was a superhero and member of the Justice League of America.

Diana belonged to the race of warrior women called the Amazons and in the 21st Century, became a superhero known to the world as Wonder Woman. This also eventually got her the membership in the Justice League of America, a team of superheroes led by Superman. When Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom tried to shrink the size of the world's seas, using satellites to swell the size of the polar glaciers, in order to buy up the new land that appeared on the coastlines, the JLA arrived in time to foil his plan. Superman directed her along with Aquaman and the Flash to take down Lex, while the others dealt with the satellites.

As she fought the Cheetah, Solomon Grundy grabbed her from behind and smashed the Amazon into ground. The JLA however soon disabled nearly all the satellites, which caused the Captain Cold to overload the remaining functional one in order to accomplish Lex's mission. His action backfired and destroyed the satellite, while also trapping Lex in ice which caused the Legion to flee. She assumed he was dead and informed the others so, but Lex survived till he was accidentally freed by Karate Kid in the 31st Century and learnt Superman's true identity. Using the Eternity Glass to make the Time Trapper do his bidding, he travelled back right to the time after he was presumed dead.

Karate Kid and Dawnstar who had tried to prevent Lex also traveled to 21st Century and came to the Hall of Justice to warn the JLA. Them busting in however caused a fight with Robin. Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman stopped it, and learned the truth from the future kids with her Lasso of Truth. Using the Time Trapper, Lex sent his Legion back in time to when the infant Kal-El landed on Earth and send him back into space, in order to destroy his enemies once and for all. The JLA arrived to fight with Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman travelling through the portal the Time Trapper opened. Wonder Woman, Superman, Robin and Batman meanwhile stayed in the present and tried to stop Lex, but were disoriented by the Time Trapper's attack.

As the Legion succeeded in sending the baby Kal-El back in space, a paradox developed which allowed the Time Trapper to erase the Justice League. They were restored when Karate Kid and Dawnstar freed the frozen Lex from ice. This however also allowed the Time Trapper to erase the 31st Century Lex. The JLA arrived to battle him when he opened a large time portal and Wonder Woman jumped at him eith her sword. He however weakened her with a chronal attack which caused her to be nearly sucked into the portal, but she was grabbed by Superman who himself was tarpped by the portal's suction. Karate Kid discovered that the Trapper was made of darkness and attacked him with her light-based attacks. This caused him to drop the Eternity Glass, which was grabbed by Robin. Wonder Woman and Superman soon mounted an attack which knocked him out and he was imprisoned in the Eternity Glass.

The JLA later bid goodbye to Karate Kid and Dawnstar, as Superman told them he was welcome back anytime. The Legion of Doom however used this experience to their advantage and defeated the Justice League, which the two kids found soon after going back to their time. Encouraged by their recent adventure, they decided to fight thrm again.






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