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Diana Prince is a rogue Amazon who teamed up with Punisher (Trevor Castle).

Diana was the daughter of Hippolyta of Themyscira. At a young age, she said farewell to the island to explore Man's World, leaving behind her family and her adopted sister Ororo. She traveled all over the world. She working for the King of Wakanda and was gifted Adamantium Bracelets. She later set up her own operation, Diana Prince, Freelance, in the US. She met the grizzled marine and widower Trevor Castle, and the two started a relationship. The marriage ended when their infant son Ryan was mysteriously killed and the emotional toll became too much. Both blamed themself for not being there to save him.

Monarch brought the two together again, and pitted them against Thanoseid. He had perceived the lord of Apokolips was responsible for the fate of their son. She discovered Ryan was not dead, merely displaced in time and had grown up to become Kanto. With this knowledge, Diana and Trevor rekindled their relationship.[1]





  • Bow and arrows