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Wonder Woman is the mightiest hero left in an altered timeline.

Wonder Woman and Superman were married in Themyscira under the blessings of Queen Hippolyta. The wedding brought together many of the heroes of the world for the first time, leading to the creation of the Justice League of America.[1]

However, after Superman sacrificed himself to save the world from Doomsday, Wonder Woman left the team and went on to use the Superman symbol engraved on her Bracelets of Submission. Without Superman and Wonder Woman, and never having even known a Batman (Bruce Wayne became the independent vigilante known as Paladin), this Justice League quickly fell apart.[1]

In the Fortress of Solitude during her time of mourning, using her Lasso of Truth on Vixen of New Earth, Diana understood that she was telling the truth about their reality being created by Anansi. She agreed to help, understanding that it must be undone and also because she wanted to do anything to restore a world where her husband is alive again, regardless of whether they live together or not.[2]

With Wonder Woman vouching for Vixen, her former teammates trusted her implicitly, bringing together the Justice League once again to fight Anansi. The League however was turned evil by Anansi. Vixen realized that she was the one who could restore the world. She therefore had her world's Justice League of America take their corrupted counterparts down and restore the timeline as it was.[2]



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